is a country located in Western Europe. Her geographic size is643,801 square kilometers and is inhabited by 66.7 million people. Asper the 2015 estimates, had a gross domestic product of $2.647trillion and a per capita income of $37,675. The country has asemi-presidential republic form of government because it is ruled bya president and a prime minister. Additionally, the country isdivided into 27 administrative regions with 22 of them located inMetropolitan , while the remaining five are overseas.


In medieval , the country had a monarchical form of governmentand the king had much influence on the delivery of justice. Thisresulted in numerous injustices as different classes of people weretreated differently under the existing law. The French Revolutionthat took place between 1789 and 1799 had a profound impact on the criminal justice as it triggered the overthrowing of themonarchy and the establishment of a republic form of government. WhenNapoleon took over the leadership of in 1804, he put thecontrol of the country on the central government, hence thecentralized police, court, and correctional systems.

Legal system

legal system is based completely on written civil law. Thecountry’s criminal justice system comprises of a centralizedpolice, courts, and, correctional systems. The police system isdivided into The Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale.The Police Nationale is a civilian police force thathas the mandate of patrolling large urban areas and major cities. Onthe other hand, The Gendarmerie Nationale is a section of Armythat ensures law and order in rural areas and smaller towns. However,most cities in have a municipal police unit. The courts areranked depending on whether they have original or appellatejurisdiction. Citizens play a central role in the criminaljustice system by participating in some court process or acting asmediators. has 210 police officers for every 100,000population. The police is ranked at number 85 on the list ofpolice corruption perception index.

Crime rate

In 2012, 3.77 million crimes were committed in . The murderrate in stood at 1.6 per 100,000 population and75, 000 rapesevery year in 2012. In 2012, 56, 957 individuals were incarceratedin prisons. 3.2% of prisoners in were females while1.1% were juveniles. The death penalty was abolished in in1981.