GCUMission and Vision Statements

TheGrand Canyon University mission and vision statements are designed insuch a way that they help students achieve their personal,professional and educational goals. For instance, my personal missionis attaining the goal of getting my degree, and the university helpsby having a mission that is centered on providing an academicallychallenging environment and a value-based curriculum that is derivedfrom the context of Christianity. The school also helps me focus onmy studies without any interruptions through instilling theimportance of education from the very beginning.

Myprofessional mission in life is to obtain advancement in my careerfield and possibly own a company one day. Achieving such a missionneeds the help of the university as well. In connection to this, itscurriculum is designed to prepare the students acquire necessaryskills that are required and demanded in the job market. Theuniversity`s mission also states that all students are challenged todevelop the necessary skills and to accelerate their reasonablelimits to thrive in their chosen career. My dream of owning a companyone day can only be realized if I work hard enough and develop thenecessary skills that are stated in the university mission. Byhelping the students to develop themselves through elements ofaccountability and compassion, the university also ensures that itprepares the students for future engagements in their respective jobmarkets.

Mythird mission is the attainment of my education goals by managing mytime well and staying motivated throughout my stay at the university.The components of the Grand Canyon University help me achieve myeducational goals by advocating for all students to live a Christianlife or a life that is guided by Christian heritage. The universityalso challenges students to be effective communicators and criticalthinkers such attributes help them achieve their educational goals.