Genetics,&nbspGenomics,and&nbspEnvironmental Health

Genetics,&nbspGenomics,and&nbspEnvironmental Health


DNAprofiling is regarded as a technique that is employed by the forensicscientists to help in the identification of people based on theirrespective DNA profiles. Equally known as genetic fingerprinting, themethod can be applied in identifying an individual. DNA profiles arethus a sequence of numbers that reflect the DNA makeup of anindividual (Fitzgerald-Hayes &amp Reichsman, 2009). While Ianticipate obtaining my DNA profile, I have not yet done so because Iam still weighing the pros and cons to make the decision.

Findingout one’s genetic makeup has both merits and demerits. Some of theadvantages of seeking one’s genetic testing include the chances ofknowing whether one is carrying an abnormal gene and his/herpropensity to a disease. For instance, if one has a family memberwith a confirmed abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA 2 gene in his/her body, agenetic makeup report will provide information with a certainty onthe level of risk a member of that family is predisposed. The othermerit includes the information allowing for an early correction of anabnormal gene and being able to take the required steps to evade anillness in the family. However, the cons of finding out about one’sgenetic makeup include the chances that the test may not be accurate. One may feel guilty on learning that he/she passed an abnormal geneto his kids. Besides, knowing one’s genetic makeup may make itdifficult to obtain a life insurance because of discrimination. Theother demerit regards the fact that the genetic testing may neverprovide one with all the answers. For instance, in families wheremembers carry the abnormal breast cancer gene, it may be difficult totell with absolute surety that no other factors are contributing tothe high risk (Goulka, 2010).


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