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GodIs Not Dead: He Lives and How He is Living


Inspite of the misleading beliefs that some people hold that God doesnot exist, there are many indications around the world that He isthere. His existence is not only evident in the creatures that hecreated, but also in the various events that occur around the world.As a result, there is no need for people to see God physically so asto confirm that He is actually there. It is true that the Bible talksabout faith as it relates to the existence of God. Here, the HolyBook refers to the fact that people need to have a strong belief inGod and His works without any evidence to show His existence. It issuch kind of statements that make people who do not believe that Godexist, to hold onto their views so much. They, as a result, claimthat even the Bible fails to prove of His being and resorts to askingpeople to simply, ‘believe.’ The unreasonable nature of suchthoughts notwithstanding, they have clearly turned a blind eye on thenumerous occurrences that have been quite clearly in pointing outthat a supernatural being sustains life.

TheExistence of God

Thegospel according to the book of John chapter one stresses out thatGod was there in the beginning where it says that ‘ in thebeginning was the word, and the word was God.’ The Bible also invarious scriptures, including the creation stories of Genesis Chapterone shows that all things originated from God. The book of Genesisstarts with stating that, ‘in the beginning, God created the heavenand the earth.’

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Whileall other things in the universe were created, the origin of Godremains a mystery since neither the Bible nor any other crediblerecord has outlined the same. Therefore, while all the other featureswere created, God Himself was not created, at least not to the bestof our knowledge. He, however, cannot be subject to the sameconditions that other creatures are exposed to, such as death. He isway beyond death. Otherwise, there would be a mention of such in theBible.

Anotherelement that clearly shows the existence of God is His character. TheBible defines God as love. It even goes ahead to state in the Gospelthat Love is the greatest commandment- the love for God and love forman. In the contemporary world, people are often faced with a greatneed for love. Most people are always oriented towards the love forothers, and as well, they seek love from other people. This loveranges from that of family and friends to intimate love, one that isshared between people in a romantic relationship. The Biblicalstories outlining the creation of man indicate that he was created inthe image and likeness of God. It is, therefore, more than acoincidence that while God prides Himself in love, man also seems tovalue it so much. This is surely an indication that the ‘God’that the Bible refers to, so much, must surely be in existence.Otherwise, there would not be such a striking similarity between‘His’ character and that of man.


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  4. The Bible

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Theworks of God also come into play. The universe has achieved a givenform of system, which, even though scientists have tried to explain,their knowledge has failed to answer some very striking questions.These questions pertain to the perfect order that the universe hashad over a long period, something that is quite hard to link to merechance. For instance, it is quite general knowledge in science thateach kind of energy has a source, and such a source could getdepleted, unless it is, of course, refilled. The sun has always beenin existence since man set foot in this world and its position hasbeen the same. The amount of heat that it produces is fairly thesame, yet the gasses that contribute to the burning of the sun arealways there. If the explanation of science were to come into play,in the least, the amount of heat that it produces could havedecreased by now significantly, yet that is not the case. As aresult, this points to the fact that there must be a higher powerthat is in control, and able to do things that we cannot explain,even with the large amounts of explorations and discoveries that manhas had over a long period. There are also other elements that relateto the order that is experienced in the world, some of them includethe pure association of different features in the ecosystem such asbirds, plants and animals, which in turn ensure that the lives of allcreatures are sustained.

Forthose people who hold that God is not there, they, therefore, assertthat man is free to live the way he feels like as there is nothingthat should be tying him on to a moral duty of some sort. Thissituation is, however, not usually the case. People are normally bornwith the knowledge of what is wrong and what is right.

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Theyalso have a conscience that usually perturbs them whenever they dosomething that is morally wrong. This is normally evidenced by thefeeling of guilt. Some people even go ahead to confess and apologisefor wrongdoing in a bid to appease to their inner self. Deep down,people are normally faced with the inner need to do what is right.This is one of the reasons why most people are usually ready toengage in acts of charity and humanitarianism, once they have someconsiderable amounts of wealth. All these go a long way to show thatthere is some higher power to whom, human beings subscribe to. Theynormally feel that there is a ‘person’ whom they ‘owe’ theduty to do what is right, and that is why they will always try to dosuch. It is, therefore, quite hard to ignore such occurrences andrecline to the wrong idea that people are normally that way, as thatwill be utterly false.

Itis such false belief among some people that bring about a statementthat was given by Dr. Richard Lewontin, regarding the existence ofGod. He indicates that ‘it is not necessarily the fact that sciencehas taught us over time, on the need to rely on evidence, that somepeople have found it hard to believe in the existence of God.’ Itis, however, the innate nature of human beings to adhere to theobservance of material causes of events so that they define the viewsthat they have regarding a certain element. It is until, people getto understand this aspect that they will be able to come to the pointof realization that some things still exist, even though there is nodirect thing showing that they actually do. Such people, therefore,need to look deeper than what is direct before them, in a bid tounderstand clearly the way life is.


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Somethings such as the mere Being of God is a mystery to many people. Itis just that some have decided to rule outright that He is not there,so as to avoid digging deeper into the question as they seek tounderstand more regarding Him. Such people want to apply absolutemeasures as it relates to God, yet in the real sense, not all thingsin this world are that way.

Oneof the things that can be shown that not all things are quiteabsolute in the world is the different supernatural occurrences thatoccur in the world. People of different races, gender and countriesof origin have either confessed of personally experiencing thingsthat are beyond their imagination or seeing supernatural occurrenceshappening to other people. For instance, there are some people whohave been in a coma for more than a decade and recovered. There arealso people who have survived accidents that caused great injuriesupon them. All these are quite difficult to explain, and it justhelps to show that there is someone who is powerful than the rest ofus human beings, who is, therefore, able to make such occurrencescome into being. Since Biblical accounts have correctly outlined thatGod has power over everything on earth, it is more sane to hold thereasoning that He is there, and He is the one who controls suchoccurrences in the world.

Theinfluence of God has a direct impact on the lives of people. This isproven by numerous accounts of people who had a tremendous change intheir lives after they chose to dedicate their lives to worship him.One of them is a famous evangelical pastor, Jon Courson. He was justa common individual, who underwent serious problems in hismid-adulthood that saw him seek to have a close relationship withGod.


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Thiswas after he lost both his daughter and wife in two separate roadaccidents. At such a time, his heart was quite heavy, with numerousthoughts as to why such a thing could happen to him. He felt that hislife would not move on as a result of the huge blow that he faced.He, however, felt that he needed something that had more power, whichcould enable him to go through the ordeal, and still stand, andremain sane. It is at such a time that he chose to learn more aboutGod. He felt that, if it was true that God truly does exist, then ‘Hewould be able to bring some tranquility’ that he needed so muchinto his life. His story has been that of full of hope and testimonyas from such a time, his heart has been at peace, despite the factthat he still does not understand why part of his family had to leavehim.

TheBible also talks about the transformation of Saul, in the book ofActs chapter 9, in the New Testament. Before Jesus Christ, the Son ofGod appeared in the form of light, he was a lead prosecutor ofChristians and at the time he was on his way to Damascus toprosecute other Christians who were worshipping God in that place.After his transformation and consequent change of his name to Paul,he is seen to have a great impact on the lives of people asdocumented in his numerous letters to the churches distributed invarious places. His message is positive and relevant not only topeople who have faith in God but also to those who do not.


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Mostof his letters touch on how a man treats a fellow man and waysthrough which people need to ensure that they have value for oneanother.

Anotheraspect that touches on the existence of God is the mere fact thathuman beings are most often faced with the high need forspirituality. They reach a point in time where they feel that thereis part of them that they need to fill, which cannot be achieved byany form of material possession or earthly achievement. Thissituation is inherent in every human character and lacks a properexplanation as to why people would feel that way in the first place.It, therefore, goes beyond logic. Whenever people reach such a stagein life, they tend to chase various activities, which may make themfill their inner soul. They, as a result, choose to fellowship withother people in a bid to come to a point of satisfaction. The need tofill this need is usually strong, thereby, proving the fact that Godis there, and people will always want to reach him.

Inrelation to the need for spirituality that people show today, it iscommon throughout history that people in different parts of the worldhave always felt the need to pay their reverence to a deity. This wasacross different cultures, despite the fact that at some time, therewas very little interaction between people located in differentgeographical borders.


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Thissituation, therefore, brings out an element in human beings thatexplains that there is something that ties us together. The greathigh need to worship a deity among people could not just happen bychance, and there is a high possibility that such a deity actually,does exist. Even children grow while knowing that there is asupernatural being who keeps life intact. It is the continualinteraction of such children with their environment that helps toeither develop their belief in the existence of God, or lack.

Christianliterature has shown that God exists at all places at the same time.This is well explained in the different miraculous occurrences thatdo take place in different parts of the world, at the same time,which could be well explained by the existence of God. As much ascoincidences do take place, they are most often rare and are not asperfect as some of the happenings around the world.

TheBible also, in a different book, such as the gospel, also talks aboutthe end times of the world and occurrences that will manifest it. Forinstance, it talks about different calamities that will hit theworld. The world has experienced different problems in the previousand current century. Some of them include the two World Wars thatwere fought in the 20thCentury. There is also the case of terrorism that has hit variousplaces of the world, causing crisis all over. There are also cases ofnatural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina that hit the UnitedStates in the year 2005 killing about 1,245&nbsp people as well asan earthquake that hit Japan in the year 2011 which caused anexplosion of a nuclear plant that led to the death of about 15,891people to date, as a result of the direct occurrence of the disasteror some problems that were associated with the disaster such ashealth problems due to lack of proper shelter.

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TheBible also explains that the end times shall be marked with peoplewho have so much great love for money. This is true in the currenttimes when people do a lot of strange things in a bid to earn somemoney. Such a practice always comes at a cost, which lies within theloss of morality around the world. Since the events predicted in theBible which are said to have been written many centuries ago arehappening, it is also true that God who inspired the writing of theBible also does exist.

Somepeople who hold the view that God does not exist normally fix theirargument on the fact that there is too much suffering in the world.They also go ahead to explain that even those who profess to believein God appear to go through the same kind of suffering that otherpeople experience. God, through the book of Job in the Bible,however, clearly demonstrates that even those who believe in Him cansuffer. There is, therefore, no form of relationship between theexistence of God and the suffering of man. The Bible, however, talksabout the strength that God accords to His people to conquer toughtimes and evil. Human beings have much peace inside them when theyfeel that they are always doing their best to please God, whetherthey are going through some given form of suffering or not.


Theneed for God among human beings is quite high. It is so important tothe point that man cannot exist without him. However, man needs toput in more effort so as to be able to understand the true nature ofGod. He manifests Himself to those who seek him, as explained in thebook of John Chapter 15 verse 17.


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Thisis the point where most people find quite hard to comply with. In thecurrent era of quick fixes, most people are normally interested inthings that easily go the way they want, yet this is not howspirituality works. God manifests Himself in different ways andthrough many people. He also shows His presence through His creation.Man is able to prove the presence of God when he sets out to observenature very clearly and take note that there is a system that isbeyond the comprehension of man that sustains the world. That systemis the perfect design of God so that man may be able to inhabit theearth that God gave him while at peace.


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