Guideto Research

FirstStep in Student

Thefirst step in student guide to research is to understand the topicthat is being studied. The students familiarize themselves with thesubject by getting an overview of the topic using varying sources,such as books, encyclopedias, and journals. After the generaloverview, they list keywords for searches, such as dates, mainissues, leading ideas, names, individuals, and places.

FirstStep of Research in My Words

Thefirst phase of research involves knowing where and how to conduct theresearch. Such a move is necessary as it helps the student to come upwith the best information for the research process. Finding validsources is important since invalid sources give confusing and mixedup results. If such students get the research information fromunreliable sources, then the whole research process would becompromised.

SignificantAssumptions and Bias in the Drug Industry

Thegreatest assumption and bias that underlies drug studies, in thepharmaceutical industry, is that most of the research is not uniquehence, they tend to yield generalized results. Generalizing, in theevaluation of people, tend to be invalid as it does not identify theparticular issue that was considered. It jeopardizes the researchsince it leads to inaccurate evaluation of various characteristics.For example, a generalized study may assume that an individual drughas side effects on everyone just because they tested a few people.There is also another assumption and bias that is based on gender,whereby males are perceived to have a stronger immune system thanthat of females.


Mypersonal bias on the drug industry is that I tend to only trust &quotbig&quotpharmaceutical companies when purchasing drugs. Such bias stems outof the assumption that smaller companies do not have the necessaryresources to make quality drugs.