Health&nbspPromotionand Epidemiology

Health&nbspPromotionand Epidemiology


Diseaseprevention approaches have been regarded the most effective inensuring that the rates of mortality as well as morbidity arereduced. Equally, when activities of health promotion areimplemented, the population will be freed from diseases anddisability (Raingruber, 2013). As a nurse, one way that I can take amore active role in health promotion/ illness prevention is byinformation-giving via mass media, small group discussions, as wellas interpersonal channels. While this method makes the assumptionthat an increase in knowledge will result in attitudinal changeleading to behavioral change, it remains the most appropriate sinceit fits with the demands of my job and does not interfere with myroles. The technology advancements realized in the previous years hasmade it easy to spread of information with just a click of a button.Avenues, such as mass media, are some of the platforms for spreadinghealth promotion messages.

Ifeel that discussing health promotion with my patients forms a partof my professional responsibility as a registered nurse. Part of theduties of a registered nurse include interpreting patient data aswell as making vital decisions regarded the best action of treatment. In the course of ensuring that patients get quality health services,the nurses need to engage the patients and educate them on ways ofpreventing diseases and leaving a healthy life. Furthermore, the goalof any health system is usually to ensure that the population ishealthy, and the rate of mortality is reduced significantly. Evidencesuggest that preventive medicine is better than curative becausebased on cost, patient experience, and intervention (Benjamin,2011).Therefore, as a means of ensuring that patients get the best healthcare and avoid recurrent infections, I feel that discussing diseaseprevention with them is part of my professional duties.


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