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is sexual attraction or sexual demeanor between individuals of theopposite gender. is an enduring procedure ofromantic, emotional, or sexual fascination for the people of theopposite sex as a sexual orientation. It can also refer to anindividual’s self-sense based on such attractions, membership in agiven society and related behaviors. is one of thethree classifications of sexual orientation around theheterosexual-homosexual gamut along with homosexuality andbisexuality. is a prevalent human condition, and itis unfortunate that scientists have not yet found its cause.

Thathas been due to the inadequate funding of the study or justunequivocal lack of interest. Substantial researches have beencarried out to establish the origin of homosexuality, especially inmen, but they have been small and inconclusive. Nevertheless, peopleare still in the dark about the existence of an individual who issexually attracted to someone of a different gender. Probably suchdiminished scientific curiosity has to do with the fact that manypeople- mostly heterosexual- deem unadulterated heterosexuality to bethe norm, considering anything else a deviation.

Theworld has been left to psychological analysis, social scientificobservation, and anecdotal evidence provided in the inability to givea valid answer to the query about the origin of heterosexual and whyit started. What looks coherent then, and therefore has beenrecognized for over two centuries by the mainstream scientific world,is that heterosexuality is not a choice (Blank,2012).However, some studies show that heterosexuality is something that isestablished in the early stages of the human beings. It is highlylinked with physical genetics, parental factors, or biologicalchemistry. The right-wingers still exist, including those thatdeviate from the customs of professional scientific relations, whoseek to believe that heterosexuality is a choice. They also want toblame heterosexuality on how kids are raised and use variousunreliable theories to mislead people.


should be the only human sexual orientation to be recognized in thesociety. Despite numerous debates and controversies that have beencarried out against such activity, heterosexuality should be creditedand embraced because it is also appreciated in the Holy Scriptures.Due to its vitality to the society as the sole way of procreation, Ialso vote for it and discredit other forms of sexual attraction likehomosexuality and bisexuality.

Discussionand Supporting Evidence


TheJudeo-Christian tradition has many verses and writings related toheterosexuality. From the Bible, the book of Genesis 2:24 says, “Aman shall leave his mother and his father and shall cleave unto hiswife. Out of their togetherness, they shall be one flesh.” Suchverse means that God allowed the sexual attraction between a man anda woman only. There should be no other forms of sex such asbisexuality and homosexuality for they make a person do against thewill of God. In the creation of the earth, God made a man out of dustand a woman from the man’s rib. The anti-heterosexuality should askhimself or herself why God created a man and a woman instead ofcreating a man and a man in the Garden of Eden. In the book of1Corinthians, Paul tells people that it is not good for a man to getmarried. However, because of more immorality and prostitution, a manshould marry one wife, and every woman should have one spouse.

Hefurther says that each man should accomplish his marital obligationto his spouse, and a wife does the same to her man. In addition, awife does not solely own her body. It also belongs to her husband.For the same reason, the body of the husband also belongs to hiswife. He says that neither a man nor a woman’s body should be givento any other person. What Paul means in his message is that thereshould be no any form of sexual attraction except that of a husbandand a wife (heterosexuality). Also from such book, Paul emphasizesthat people should not deprive each other except by mutual agreement.

Inmost cases, the religious traditions have reserved marriage toheterosexual union. However, some religions like Buddhist, Hindutraditions, Metropolitan Community Church, Unitarian Universalist,some Quaker, Anglican dioceses, Jewish Congregations, United Churchof Canada, and Reform and Conservation Churches do not recognizesuch. Practically every religion believes that sex between a womanand a man is permitted. Some religions consider heterosexuality asbeing inferior to celibacy. On the other hand, some churches requirecelibacy for some reasons, for instance the Catholic priests.

Nonetheless,the Catholic Church deems heterosexual union as necessary and holy.God said in the book of Genesis that human being had been given themandate to subdue the world and reproduce to fill the earth like thestars in the sky and sand grains in the seabed. Such command cannotbe fulfilled if a man is attracted to his fellow man or a woman toher fellow woman. God did not design the body of a man to carry thepregnancy and give birth. For this reason, I firmly agree thatheterosexuality is the only recognized sexual orientation in humanlife.

DemographicData about

Althoughthe demographics about sexual orientation are not easy to establishbecause of lack of reliable data, it can also be the source ofinformation on the human perception about heterosexuality. The humansexuality history shows variations regarding behavior and attitudeacross societies. According to studies, 88% to 97% of people have hadonly heterosexual contact in their lifetime. However, such percentagecomes down to 78% to 85% when either or both same-sex contact andbehavior are reported (Blank,2012).

Inthe study that was carried out in 2006 by the Human SexualityOrganization (HSO) in the US, 80% of the respondents confirmed theirheterosexual feelings, although 98% to 99% identified themselves asheterosexual. On the other hand, in HOS’s 1992 research, about94.5% of the males in German and Britain had heterosexual experience,while in France the figure was reported at 96.8%. In this case, I donot want to fit my stand in the compact majority since people saythat they are always right. I want to join them because they aredoing the lawful thing: practicing heterosexuality.


Accordingto the 2006 poll, 89% of the Chinese have only opposite-sex sexualcontact whereas only 96% of the Chinese classify themselves asheterosexual (James, 2009). In addition, a study conducted by theUnited Kingdom Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2009established that 96% of the Britons were acknowledged asheterosexual, 1.6% of Britons identified as bisexual or homosexual,and 3.4% gave vague responses such as “do not know” or notresponded to the question.

AcademicStudy (Biological and Environment)

Theconnection between biology and sexual orientation, in this case, is asubject of study. So far, there is no singular and simpledetermination of sexual orientation that has been conclusivelycarried out. Various researchers conclude to different positions, butscholars have hypothesized that a combination of hormonal, genetics,and social factors determine sexual orientation. The neurobiology ofheterosexuality can be well understood by various people.Testosterone and Estradiol that are catalyzed by the 5alpha-reductaseenzyme into dihydrotestosterone act upon the receptors of androgen inthe brain of the male to masculine it.

Therefore,if there are a number of receptors or too much receptor, there can bea physical problem in psychological section. It is said that both manand woman heterosexuality occurs due to variation in such course.Whereas, in the real sense, heterosexuality in women is related tolower quantity of masculinization than the amount in lesbian women.On the other hand, the male heterosexuality has highermasculinization than the homosexual males. In this case, the peoplewho practice bisexuality or homosexuality are somewhat not normal dueto the variation of the androgen receptors. For this reason,bisexuality or homosexuality is still illegal in the society.

SubtleDispute to My Position

Somepeople, especially the ones who do not practice heterosexuality, haveraised against my position and said that homosexuality should also belegalized. They say that every person has a right to sexual enjoymentprovided it is not malicious to either partner. According to thestudy by the ONS, many gays, bisexuals, or lesbians have revealedthat their sexual orientation boosts their confidence andself-esteem. Moreover, people who practice such activities experienceless depression and anger. Gays also say that disclosing their sexualidentity makes them happier than the previous thought. However, theimportance of disclosing their relationship faces some challenges inthe supportive social setting. The studies have shown that gays enjoytheir activities, and its openness develops a genuine sense in them(James, 2009).

Afterinterviewing 170 American lesbians, gay, and bisexual people, withinthe age ranging from 18 to 64 years, about their experience withcoworkers, family, school peer, friends, and the religious community,the study found that such people hate heterosexuality due to lack ofopenness of the partners. Those who practiced bisexuality andhomosexuality in the study were open about their activity. Despitethe stigma and hostility from their settings, lesbians and gay do notfeel demeaned because that is part of their life and they like it.However, my position responds to such challenge by holding my Biblefirm and sticking to the word of God. People cannot procreate ifheterosexuality is not practiced. Moreover, I can also applybiology’s point of view about reproduction. Females have hormonesthat support reproduction, which are absent in males. For thisreason, People should recognize heterosexuality and discredit othersexual forms to do according to God’s will (James, 2009).


is the sexual attraction between people of the opposite sex. Oneimportance of heterosexuality is that it leads to procreation. Sexbetween same sex gender, for instance, two men, does not result inanything other than sin. In the Bible, God created a man and a womanand put them in the Garden of Eden to subdue it. God did this toencourage heterosexuality and not bisexuality or homosexuality.However, the human beings have come up with various ways ofsatisfying their sexual needs. Supporting my position from the HolyBible and substantial studies from various scientists, I can say thatheterosexuality is the only sexual orientation that should berecognized in the society.


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