Hildegardof Bingen: The Living Light

Hildegardvon Bingen is a renowned German philosopher, composer, visionary,Christian mystic, polymath and writer. Being one of the best writersof her time, she was regarded as the creator of scientific naturalhistory. She spent more than half her life to sharing in writing,both experienced insights and happiness in Christian faith. Due toher works, she is still considered by historians as one of the bestscientists. In her revelation to Henry, she tries to illustrate thepath of a good shepherd. Henry regarded Hildegard as her spiritualmentor and guide. Her visions had assisted many people, particularlywith the logical revelations. In this instance, Bingen illustratesthe how the dark air amongst us has prevented us from seeing themountain. This paper will try to explain what the high mountain,living light, and dark living air stand for and its correlation toHenry.

Themountain of God

Hildegardof Bingen perceives the Lord of creation crowned as an &quotangel ofboundless guidance&quot seated upon an iron-colored mountainsignifying an everlasting kingdom. In other words, The Lord’sKingdom is an eternal one. The annotation compares divinemagnificence with mortal self-effacement since both these virtues orrather merits illumined by the grandeur of God are poverty of thespirit and the fear of God. Both these visions of the prophet`s mindstate as she provokes this overwhelming dream. One of the Virtuesembodies the foundation of wisdom, whereas the other signifies the1st beatitude. Similar to Isaiah apparition’s of the Temple i.e.Isaiah 6: 1-8, Bingen is directed by God to declare hisreasonableness. She is allowed comprehension into the mystery ofhuman purposes as God understands and judges them. In that regard,the mountain is a symbol of hope, where pleasant wind flows, liliesand roses reveal shining faces, and flowers grow. It typifies God’severlasting kingdom.

Theliving light

Lighthas always signified God. The Lord is the dominant symbol of livinglight. He reveals Himself through the light. In all of herundertakings, Hildegard portrays God’s light to irradiate darkness.Even in the Bible God revealed Himself in the form of light. Forinstance, He revealed Himself as a burning bush to Moses. It is thelight that leads God’s people towards the mountain. Light is in theform of the scriptures. Adherence to the scriptures enlightens us tothe Word of God. In a major recap, Hildegard experienced visions fromtender ages. However, it was at the age of 42 when her brains wereopened. Through a blistering light, the heavens opened her brains,and her heart was inflamed. Hildegard implores Henry to help thechurch regain their sense and heed to the mountain.


Adark cloud inhibits the light from shining brightly. Darkness isportrayed as a limiting factor that prevents light from shining uponGod’s people. Even in the current globe, whenever a dense cloudappears, then light cannot penetrate. Relating this to thescriptures, this darkness has been brought about by human sins. Asstated in the book of Isaiah 59:2, our inequities separates us fromthe Lord. Our sins obscure God`s face from us so that we cannot hearor heed His words. In addition to that, whenever we sin, God alsoturns away from us and does not listen to us. These sins create adark cloud that prevents us from seeing the mountain. The churchfaced difficult times with a thick cloud covering the mountain suchthat it could not emit fragrance.

Conclusion:Relation to Henry’s case

Henrywas a primary figure in the Church during this era. EmperorBarbarossa also favored him. Facing several challenges, Heinrichasked for guidance from Hildegard. He wanted her to pray on hisbehalf so that God could grant him the knowledge to govern the leadpeople in the right way. Hildegard’s response in this visionbeseeches Henry to bring the church back to the light. During thisera, God’s shepherds had turned away from Him due to their sinfulnature. As Hildegard rightly says “O shepherds, it is time formourning and weeping, since, in this times, a dense cloud has coveredthe mountain so that it cannot send its gentle fragrances.” For theprayers to be heard and change to be realized, Henry must be a goodshepherd of decent character. God constantly chastises people whosound His trumpet according to His purpose. He also ensures theirdelicate vessels do not perish. In that respect, God protects thosewho strive to spread His word. He always provides them with theirdaily needs for their work is just. Towards the end of the letter,Hildegard prompts Henry to stay faithful to his duty that entailcleansing the Church, correcting their errors and preparing them forChrist’s second coming. It is upon him to remove the dark clouds sothat the mountain can be seen. The way of the scripture provides ashining path towards the mountains. The mountain is the truedepiction of God’s kingdom which is everlasting. In general, theChurch has an immense role to play to provide light through thescriptures and prepare people for Jesus’s second coming. The utmostreward is an everlasting kingdom [CITATION Hil l 1033 ].


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