HowPeople Unknowingly Sabotage their Lives


Thereare various cases of individuals sabotaging their lives unknowingly.The most common causes of personal sabotage include lying to oneself,about priorities concentrating on making enormous steps rather thanmoving in leaps and bounds, and pretending to become someone elsemagically. Also, people do not ponder on the parts of their livesthat need changing. These individuals only focus on the means ofaccomplishing something instead of understanding the motive behindtheir actions. This paper discusses how people sabotage their liveswithout knowing it.

Tobegin with, most unsuccessful people are never straight-forward withthemselves. They usually focus on what other folks think about them.Such thoughts do not only hold these individuals back but also promptthem to stop thinking about the important details of their lives. Ifone has to make a change in his life, this is where he should begin.

Secondly,individuals focus on making significant steps as opposed tosuccessive steps. Most persons fail to realize that their actionstoday will affect their lives in the future. Long-term projectsshould be perceived as the same set of activities and not separateevents. Long-term plans should always be viewed as a long chain ofday-to-day operations.

Mostunsuccessful individuals imagine that life will change in the absenceof action. The majority of individuals assume that, in the end, theywill become entirely different persons, even though they do nothingto change their current statuses. Individuals cannot become improvedversions of themselves if they take no action.

Failureto reflect on the part of one`s life that needs changing. If a persondesires to change his life, he must also determine the part(s) thatmust be modified. Successful people usually sacrifice something toget another.

Successfulpeople ponder on how they can achieve a preferred goal and seek anunderstanding of why that goal is important. Persons who makesignificant changes spend more time working on their goals. Theseindividuals act with the knowledge that their actions are directedtoward important objectives.

Ina recap of the above discussion, the most common causes ofdestruction include lying to oneself, about priorities concentratingon making enormous steps rather than moving in leaps and bounds, andpretending to become someone else magically. Also, people do notponder on the parts of their lives that need changing. Taking thetime to think about these issues helps one avoid making mistakes thatmay lead one to sabotage his life