I must admit that the article, ,will have a profound impact on the way I craft my projects. I wouldlike to share the knowledge I acquired from the article on how towrite the introduction paragraph of an essay.

From the article, I learnt the importance of beginning one’s essaywith a clincher. The article gave several examples of how to write anopening line such as by incorporating an anecdote or a quotation. Ithink this is important as it summarizes whatever one wants to talkabout in the entire essay but in an artistic way. Additionally, theopening line serves the role of arousing the audiences’ attention.

After getting the audiences’ attention, one can proceed to givethem a glimpse of what the essay is all about. From the article, Ilearnt that the introduction part of an essay serves the purpose oftelling the audience what one will cover in the body paragraphs.Also, the audiences get to learn of one`s argument and the pieces ofevidence one will use to support the paper`s position. This is whatthe article referred to as the thesis statement and which should bethe last part of the first paragraph of an essay.

Before reading the article, I was not aware that there is anestablished way of writing the introduction part of an essay. In myfuture academic and professional endeavors, improving my essaywriting skills will help me arouse and maintain my audiences’interest. Also, I will be able to connect with my audience. Lastly,improving on my essay writing skills will catapult my academic andprofessional performance to a level I had not earlier imagined.


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