HRStrategy Description

Thedepartment of human resource in any given organization is involved infinding and training employees, organizing and taking the lead inconflict resolution, and proactively engaging employees so that theydevelop the right attitudes and tools for better performance and tomeet the goals of the firm (Reed&amp Bogardus, 2012).Human Resource Strategy chips in to complete the responsibilities ofthe department keeping in mind the mission, goals and the futureobjectives of the company with regards to the employees and theirgeneral welfare. Consistently, Google has been ranked as the bestcompany to work with globally. The company has a proper HR strategywhose efforts aim at developing more productive and happieremployees. A company cannot have a single HR strategy because variouspeople contribute to its operations in different ways.

Threeversions of a generic HR strategy

GenericHR strategy describes the measures taken to improve the effectivenessof employees in the bid to raise the performance of organizations.They include the high-performance work systems (HPWS), the valuematrix approach, and the commitment versus control strategies. TheHWPS combines work structures, HR practices, and processes tocapitalize on the skill, knowledge, flexibility and commitment ofemployees. The employees are selected and trained so that they areequipped with problem-solving, technical and interpersonal skills(Reed&amp Bogardus, 2012).The HPWS approach suits the best interests of all organizations andfirms regardless of their business strategy as it significantlyinfluences the attitudes of employees and flexibility.

Thevalue matrix approach proposes four strategies that a business canimplement. The plans include performance, commitment, partnership andcompliance. The system aligns core competencies and commercial goalsto the expectations of the clients. The commitment versus controlapproach states that different corporate strategies apply todifferent strategies of human resource. Whereas the commitmentstructure is characterized by a high participation of employees,workers high in skill, high wages, and tasks that are broadlydefined, the control structure is the direct opposite. The two gohand in hand since the control system is best for organizations thathave a cost business strategy.

Thereis no ideal generic HR strategy. It depends on the spectrum ofenforcement and the business strategies in question. An organizationshould implement a strategy that aims at developing employees who cancommit to their work and are discreet while performing their dutiesin a manner that favors the goals of the organization. The reason forthe lack of an ideal generic HR strategy is that some companies havebeen able to perform ultimately by forcing their employees to complywith procedures and rules unique to the organization.

HRstrategies affect the performance of firms and organizations bygiving them a competitive advantage. The design of HR strategiespromotes flexibility at the place of work and job satisfaction.Training employees widens their level of skill and instillscompetence which is what employers seek (Reed&amp Bogardus, 2012).An organization with a robust HR strategy reflects into happyemployees whose work is in turn reflected in the profitability of theorganization. It is worth noting that performance by employeesaffects the finances of the company, its customers and the generalsuccess in business.



Itis a technology company based in America that specializes in servicesrelated to the internet and products such as cloud computing, onlineadvertising, search engine, and software. Google runs more than amillion servers estimated from data centers all over the globe since2007. In 2009 it ran over a billion searches. It was listed as themost visited website in the world in 2013. There are numerous sitesto be visited on Google in various languages and others like Bloggerand YouTube are owned by Google. The mission statement reads &quottoorganize the world`s information and make it universally accessibleand useful,&quotever since it began. The company’s popularity has blossomed overtime and despite it having competing search engines and corporationsit has managed to incorporate social media such as Facebook and Gmailmaking it stand out.

Understandingthe value chain

Thevalue chain of any firm assists in detecting corporate activitiesthat can make a company have a competitive advantage. Google doesn’texpose to the public its inbound logistics and supply-chainmanagement. It has more than 70 offices internationally in more thanforty countries with its headquarters based in California, MountainView. Its marketing strategy depends on the incorporation of offlineand online communication channels to pass across their message. Thecompany has maintained a supplier site where invoices can be checkedas well as a wide range of administrative duties.

Recognizeyour key process

Inthe business strategy for Google, it has ventured into communicationsand has partnered with leading manufacturers of electronics whileproducing Nexus devices that cost less but are of very high quality.The partnerships and owning many other online sites is the processthrough which Google continues to grow.

IdentifyYour Key People

Googleemploys people who possess a vast knowledge in software engineeringand technology. The company also needs people in their sales andsupport department, finance, marketing and communications, anddesigners. The designers should have experience in designing websitesand be knowledgeable about computers. Google as a company seekspeople who can create new life experiences and come up with newperspectives.

BuildYour HR Strategy

Thereare many opportunities available at Google. Applications aresubmitted either online or manually and interviews conducted for theselected applicants. Most employees at Google and Facebook arerecruited from Stanford University, and Berkley but Laszlo Bock in2015 stated that out of his experience, he has learned not to careabout what college an applicant attended.


Managingits HR is one way an organization can effect its performance.Competitiveness in the corporate world is directly linked to how afirm invests in its specific resources. The report gives a positiverelationship between business performance and adopting HR strategies,but it’s also true that other factors could as well influence theperformance of any firm (Reed&amp Bogardus, 2012).There is also a possibility that the HR strategies interrelate withother resources at the organization. Human resource policies linkedwith the performance of the company enables the design of programswhich lead to great operations that result in high performance.


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