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HUMA:1301 Discussion

Chapter 2

How did the epicpoems the Iliad and the Odyssey come into being?

The Iliad and Odyssey are based on real life stories and Homerscreated the characters, but, still relied on the same events tocreate the plot. For instance, the Iliad is based on the legend ofthe Trojan War that is believed to have happened in the 1200 B.C. Infact, Homer only picks the Achilles and Agamemnon conflict that wasone episode of the Trojan War (Adams, 25). Odysseyrefers to the adventures of Odysseus as he moved around Italy ataround the 9thcentury. The legend captures various geographical features such asthe Polyphemus` Island, the Charybdis with the Straits of Messina aswell as Scylla is found in Italy. It is more likely that Homers hadthe legend from the sailors that were moving from Euboea that was oneof the Greek colonies located in Italy.

Chapter 3Whyare Greek tragedies still read and performed?

They are regarded as benchmarks of literature, especially thetragedies. That means that every idea and line is artistic andportrays a significant aspect in literature. In fact, they alsoillustrate various moral dilemmas that people often face and it alsoreveals the consequences and measures of how to handle the samescenarios (Adams, 33). They also help in capturing and analyzing thenature of human beings that also guides the readers in understandingall that. Even if the tragedies were written some decades ago, theystill apply to the recent life as well.

Ancient Greecevideo Analysis

The video Ancient Greece begins with the account of Homer’stragedies as well as the Trojan War that gives a proper insight intothe way that the wars occurred. Later, it also gives more insightsthat capture the lives of the Greek citizens at that particular time.More importantly, it looks at the form of government and how thecitizens looked at the leadership. Apart from that, even thestructure of the army is an important aspect that the videohighlights. Their farming activities and the various social classesare the other issues that the video identifies too. More importantly,the farming activities also reveal that the society had the rich andthe people. In fact, it portrays all these aspects using the variousantiques evident in the Ancient Greece as well. All in all, the videodoes a good job in highlighting all the activities and aspects thatdefined civilization in Ancient Greece.

I believe that the video was quite insightful, and I find thatvarious aspects to be educative too. Evidently, the video focused onthe civilization that looked at the way that the Ancient Greecetransformed over the period. The civilization was evident in thearchitecture that advanced and the designs incorporating morepresentable styles. The army also showed some progress with theirsuperior weaponry as compared to the earlier period. It helped me inmastering a large part of the chapter and showing how educative itwas. In particular, the video also pinpointed how some of thetragedies took place, and the visuals helped in providing moreinsights as well. From the video, I was able to understand how thecivilization transformed over the period. In fact, the video showedthat civilization occurred through the architecture, the army and thegovernment too.

The Spirit ofAlexander the Great video Analysis

The video The Spirit of Alexander the Great focused onAlexander the Great showing his reign and the impact he had on thekingdom as well. It also focused on the mythology and the issue ofheroism that was evident in the ancient Greece. More importantly, itwas also responsible for the fighting spirit that the youths such asAlexander the Great possessed. Right from the gymnasium where theyouths were trained, it is evident that they were taught the essenceof the Greek demigods and the heroes that acted as their idols aswell. The video highlights the concept of the amalgamation of peoplewhere Alexander the Great saw the need to unite the universe. Heimplemented the concept, despite the different cultures thatdifferent empires had. It shows that he preferred peace and peopleliving in an orderly manner. Apart from that, a common culture was aconcept that Alexander the Great wanted to achieve in his reign.

The video was insightful since it identified that Alexander the Greatwas not only a conqueror but also a cultural missionary. Suchconcepts were clearly essential in understanding the content of thebook as well. It had a clear argument that showed how Alexander theGreat even supported other cultures. For instance, he went ahead tomarry a foreign wife and even adopted some cultural aspects such asthe clothes that were not from the Greek people. He even wanted theuniverse to use one common language showing how he loved peace. Infact, the video also insisted on the importance of the mythology andheroism that is an important aspect of this lesson. A look atAlexander the Great showed that he had the extraordinary strengththat also aligned with the assumption of the Greek demigods workingwithin the warriors. Such a revelation showed that the Greekmythology was an essential part of their culture as well.

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