Humanresource development


Humanresource development

Questionshave frequently been asked about the relationships and differencesbetween human resources management and organizational development. Insome companies, the two functions complement each other and areusually headed by one executive. However, some management scholarshave argued that there is a huge distinction between them. As aresult, the line separating the two roles is blurred and is mainlydependent on the structures and culture in an organization (Holbeche,2015).

Thehuman resources management department is primarily in charge ofpersonnel related functions such as recruitment and selection,employment policies, employee codes of conducts, performance andappraisals and an array of related duties (Sharma, 2015). On theother hand, the organizational development focuses on organizationchange and performance improvement. It is concerned with thedevelopment of structures that are aligned with the changes in thebusiness environment. This has a direct impact on employees’motivations and behaviors (Francis et al., 2015).

Thelack of cooperation between the two functions is mainly associatedwith the traditional approaches to personnel management. In themodern business environment, development of a human resourcesstrategy has increased the need for HRM and OD to work togethertowards a common goal. The achievement of the strategic goals in anorganization is dependent on how the HR objectives and plans canmerge with the development strategy. Consequently, HR professionalsrequire adequate skills in OD, because the latter is supported bydata dependent processes and focuses on the total system approach. Onthe other hand, OD professionals should be able to incorporate humanresources management aspects that attract and retain diverse andproductive workforce within the legal framework. An integration ofthe two functions ensures that organization can derive the maximumbenefits from the workforce and promote the welfare of its workers(Holbeche, 2015).


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