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HumanServices Provider

Yourclient has agreed to substance abuse treatment for 30 days. Locatelocal treatment facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetingsthat your customercan attend.

Inthe state of California, there are various Alcoholic Anonymousmeeting spots, which can be instrumental in the changing of anindividual’s personality. One of such facilities where there areregular meetings between deserving individuals is the Attitudeadjustment group. The group actively bases atallSaintsEpiscopal Church (AA, 2016). The address of the group is 3847Terracina Dr and isfoundonMagnolia Avenue. For one to access the services of the team,they have to visit their website at The agencyhas its meetings in a church whereby it is open to individuals thathave an interestin the service of the meetings (AA, 2016). Through the open nature ofthe organization, it stands out as an avenue that can serve multiplepopulations and provide help to people from various lifestyles.However, there are certain limitations on the group meetings. For anindividual who has a different faith apart from Christianity, theyare at a position, which would enable them to have limited access.The Muslims or people with contrary beliefs cannot go to the churchto have their counseling sessions.

Attitudeadjustment group is an open avenue for people from variousoccupations. Through the attitude adjustment group, peoplefrom different professionshave the possibility of carrying out their actions without aninterruption fromthe rest of the society. By having a scheduled timetable for themeetings, the group teaches those who are having adjustment problemsin the society to fit in and become better versions of them.Therefore, through the various actions of the involved therapists, itis possible to handle the presented case of the activeindividual. Attitude adjustment group is,therefore,fitto manage thedynamics of the presented population.

Yourclient’s mother wasrecently diagnosedwith terminal cancer. Locate a hospice that services the elderly inyour county.

Thereare various cancer treatment centers in the United States. Thesecancer treatment hubs carry out the integral function of making theelderly and other patients have anexcellentcare method. Hospice care stands out as a conventional method oftaking attention of the ailing senior citizens (CHF, 2016). TheCalifornia HospiceFoundationis an organization that carries out individualized care to itsmultiplepatients. Through the organization, it is notable that there arevarious diseases, which can be, treated and handled well. For anelderly patient, California Hospice Foundation, which islocatedonthe North Freeway Boulevard, offers the best services. Theorganization is accessible on the following contact details andwebsite. The phone number of the organization is (916) 925-3770 or(888) 252-1010 while the website is groupis open topeople ofvarious occupations anddistinguished ages in the society (CHF, 2016).

CaliforniaHospiceFoundation carries out care and treatment activities for those whosuffer from various illnesses (CHF, 2016). The foundationconcentrates on the individuals who are old and cannot take care ofthemselves. The elderlypeoplewho suffer from various illnesses receive protection, treatment andcare fromthe facility. Thisisin an attempt to assure the old of areallife. While someindividuals donot like the hospice services,it stands out as an important venture for those who are interested inthe care for the society. Nonetheless, through the installation,the old age individuals will have the best of care, hence relievingtheir family members of ahighburden. Nevertheless,the serviceoffers stringent actions that are important in the reinstatement of acarefree society for the householdmembers. Therefore, the California Hospice Foundation is an integralcomponent of the community.

Youhave several clients who are asking for faith-based counselingservices. Locate at least one faith-based agency in your area thatprovides general human services and support.

Christiancounseling is an initiative that most Christians would love to tryout. The counseling services aresupportive of the Christian values(CCS,2016).Therefore,a majority of the Christian clusters would require a counselor thathas in-depth information on their faith and the considerations as pertheir belief.Thisenlightensthe Christians on how they should carry out various activities.Moreover, the teachingcounseling services are increasing in the contemporary society.Christian counseling services is an organization in Californialocated onRedlands Boulevard. The counseling service address is 101 E. RedlandsBlvd. Suite 215, Redlands, CA 92373. Moreover, the website of thecounseling service is The counselingcenter has a capability of handling people from various populations,once they are Christians (CCS,2016).

Christiancounseling services standout as an integral group in the society due to its stratification ofthe demography. The organization has various provisions for thechildren, adults, single adults and the old in the community.The organization also has a branch, which exclusively handles thementally ill patients (CCS,2016). Itexposesthe patients to a great opportunity of finding their ways back intothe religion. Through this stratification, the Christencounselors are in a positionto address the concerns of people from various occupations. With thefaith as a basic guideline to the production of solutions, theinstructorsare highly experienced and have great information on the actions ofthe Christians and what isrequiredof them. On the other hand, the organization offers spiritualnourishment for the various Christians that are available at theirdisposal. Once a person registers with the group, they are at thedisposal of receiving spiritual nourishments(CCS,2016). Therefore, the center, which has a rich history, is animportant venture that a counseling patient should considerattending.


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