I, the Assistant Property Manager, hereby write to you requesting tobe considered for a pay rise.

Based on my position, I perform a range of duties within theproperty. In essence, my day should start at 8 o’clock but in mostinstances, I have to be at the premises before then to cater for thevarious needs of the tenants. On a normal day, I begin by goingthrough the rent registers and updating the documents based on thebank statements available. After that, I make a record of all theresidents that have rent arrears and the corresponding penalties thathave accrued as a result of late payments, and failure to meet theirfinancial obligations.

I then proceed to the Eastern section of the property to initiate thecleaning session by the casual laborers. After taking a roll-call andassigning each employee their sections, I visit the repair store witha list of all the areas within the building that need to be fixed.Once the list has been approved by the store manager, I proceed on adoor-to-door inspection program. During this period, I pick the“information forms” from each household indicating the specificareas within the building that need immediate upgrading. During thistime, I also gather feedback relating to the general livingconditions within the premises. Any complaints by the residents areforwarded to the head office for prompt action.

My request for a salary increment has been necessitated by variousfactors. For the last six months, the Eastern section has beendeclared the cleanest part of the property. Moreover, the tenantscontinue to appreciate my effectiveness in offering solutions as soonas problems relating to the property arise. I have also maintained ahigh level of professionalism and most of the time I perform tasksbeyond my job description such as cleaning the corridors in casethose in charge have delayed. I continue to strive to improve servicedelivery despite the fact that I earn the least salary in comparisonto the Assistant Property Managers in the other sections of theproperty. It is based on this excellent performance record, that Irequest you to consider my application for a pay increase (Fowler,1912).


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Fowler, N. C. (1912).&nbspHow to get your pay raised: A work ofexperience – the underlying principles which lead to promotion – acomposite of success-making methods. Chicago: McClurg.

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