Ifan Automatic Teller Machine Could Talk

Thepast century has been regularly described by the rapid advancement intechnology. You can argue that this is a generation that uses digitalmachines in almost every task. That is a valid point. My nobleaudience, you can affirm that you use a digital gadget at least onceevery day. Today, technology has become the axis of all the elementsof the American life not limited to education, health, transport,business industry, and banking. Specifically, the invention of theATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) changed the entire concept ofdepositing and withdrawing cash from a banking institution.

Owingto the impacts of my presence in industries beyond banking, Ican argue that I am the most ingenious dispensing machine everdesigned. Iam the best because I have made easy, the process of accessing yourcash. On the top of this, I ensure that your money is always safethanks to the integrated security systems installed in my processingunits. Additionally, the concept of my functioning has beenimplemented in other industries, marked by the fact that it is easyto spot an automatic teller machine dispensing chocolate, airlinetickets, movie tickets, to medicine. Therefore, I can confidentlyremark that Iam the best dispensing machine ever designed based on these“conveniences.”

Asan ATM, or Automatic Teller Machine, I am such a sophisticated pieceof technology that it would be inappropriate to attribute myexistence to a single inventor. However, I was originally invented asa Bankograph by an American businessman and inventor by the nameLuther Simijan. The first Bankograph was tried in 1960 by a New YorkCity bank, although it did not catch on because it was simply usedfor depositing cash. In 1967, John Shepherd-Barron, a Scottishinventor, experienced a flash of genius: If vending machines coulddispense chocolate, then why couldn’t the automatic teller machinesdispense cash? He then proceeded to design the blueprint of thepresent-day ATMs Us.

Barclaysbank was the first to install these “Barronian” ATMs, after whichmany more banks followed suit. The popularity of the ATMs grew afterthe city was covered in the sixteen inches of snow. As a result ofthis 1977 weather condition, banks were closed for a long period oftime forcing individuals to access their cash through the ATMs.Hence, it becomes apparent that my traditional purpose in life is toease the process of accessing cash by permitting its electronicdeposit and withdrawal keeping it safe in the process. As statedearlier, my functional concepts have been adopted in otherindustries. We have all seen automatic teller machines dispensingairline tickets, movie tickets, parking tickets, to medicine. Allthese applications are non-traditional uses of my purpose in life.

Inthis photo, Iam placed at the center. Standing a few feet in front of me, is aline of individuals patiently waiting to deposit or withdraw theircash. I am conveniently positioned a few meters away from a bankinghall, although my colleagues and I have been allocated a tiny butsecure room. I function well in this environment because I considerit home. I comfortably speak of this place as my “home” because Iam at the center of where I was built to stay. However, there areATMs positioned in other places apart from banking halls. They areintentionally positioned to avail banking services to areas whoseaccess to banking services is an uphill task. For instance, there aretwo ATMs in the Antarctica.

Asfor me, Iam happy being placed next to a banking hall. I function well in thisenvironment because I am at the hub of money control. As an ATM, Isafely store the money of Americans some of whom you see in thepicture. The users of my services, at their convenience, can depositor withdraw whatever sums of money. I can say that I do have animpact on the people in that picture because I am assigned with theresponsibility to safely store their hard earned money. Bearing inmind that my primary function is to store and produce money, I amalways in a secure, quiet, and serene environment. I am under 24hour’s surveillance by both security guards and CCTV cameras.

Accordingly,Ican also say that I do have an impact on the bank. This is because Ioffer great assistance by increasing the efficiency of handling moneyby significantly reducing the congestion in the bank’s hall. And Ido that all day, every day. Ihave no holidays, or off-days to tell the truth, I have noChristmas! Iam faithfully there to serve you at your convenience. So for thosethat imagined that automatic teller machines are just but conveniencepoints, I reason otherwise. Iam more than a convenience point because I am loyal, hardworking,safe, honest, and always there whenever you need me. Let’s behonest, Ihave touched your lives either directly or indirectly. For those thathave ATM cards, we interact regularly. For those that don’t haveATM cards, the money in your wallets and purses might have passedthrough my vending slot. For that reason, Ibelieve that my existence is a lifelong relationship between humansand machines.