Impactof Television on our lives

Fordecades, there have been diverse and serious arguments on the ways inwhich television impacts people’s lives. From my experience I wouldpoint out that, the TV can impact an individual’s lifestyle in agood or bad way. I will point out that the various programs such asreality shows that I have watched in the TV have in a significantway, impacted many aspects of my lifestyle. As a young person, Ifollow the new trends of dress codes especially from the prominentactors and musicians featured in various TV shows. In other words, mydressing, hair styles and other aspects of grooming havesignificantly been influenced by the television. Additionally, Idepend on the television to get updates on issues affecting youngpeople across nations. Such updates enable me to meet the behavioralexpectations of my society.

TheTV has also tremendously impacted my notion of a family in thecontemporary society. The television airs many programs and realityshows based on the theme of family. Thanks to television, I am nowaware that in almost all cases, a man is supposed to provide andprotect his family at all cost. Many of the TV programs and moviesaim to teach its audience to always put family first because it isthe most important thing in an individual’s life. From a religiouspoint of view, the family consists of father, mother and children.However, the TV has drifted from this notion because I have seenmarriages between two individuals of the same sex who agree to adoptchildren. Generally, I can argue that the TV is not only impacting onindividual lives, but the culture of the society at large. It is notonly the young generation that is being influenced by the television,but also children, adults and even the aging population.