Buffalo WildWings has implemented an admirable corporate culture that fosterssales and builds the brand’s image. The enterprise has capitalizedon the popularity of sports to attract more customers. BWW has alsoestablished many restaurants with a diverse array of offerings (David&amp David, 2015). In addition, the organization has set up foodsafety protocols to inspire consumer confidence. The entity has usedcolor-coding strategies to streamline its operations and ensurededication and teamwork among its employees (Buffalo Wild Wings,2016).

Internal andExternal Issues

Inevitably, BWWexperiences various internal and external issues. For example, thecompany is hindered by the lack of an efficient delivery system. Inmany cases, the needs of customers away from the restaurant are notsatisfied. Besides, the restaurant’s Windows-based point of salemanagement system does not suffice to capture its level of growth(David &amp David, 2015). BWW faces the imminent threat of marketsaturation should the number of local stores continue to rise.Furthermore, the business needs to limit its exposure to risk sinceit has an unbalanced focus on sports and beer. It is noteworthy thatmany customers may have little tolerance for alcohol and sports.

Moreover, someconsumers have adopted vegetarian diets as they seek to improve theirhealth. Consequently, BWW needs to modify its menu so as to includefoods that would appeal to health-sensitive clients. The company isexposed to other external factors such as volatility in chicken wingprices and the gradual increase in minimum wages (David &amp David,2015). An underperforming economy also reduces the company’s salesvolume and profitability. Additionally, remunerating its workforce ofover 20,000 people creates constant pressure to increase sales.


Buffalo WildWings faces considerable competition from other restaurant chains inthe country. For example, Chipotle Mexican Grill operates over 1,500restaurants that offer fresh Mexican dishes and other fast foods.Other offerings include salads, burrito bowls, tacos, and burritos(Dempsey, 2010). The company has been based in Denver, Colorado forover two decades since its formation. Another viable competitor isPanera Bread Company. The latter enterprise owns bakery-cafes in bothCanada and the U.S. In addition, Panera Bread Company operatesseveral franchises along with other product operations. Some of theproducts offered to consumers include salads, soups, custom roastedcoffees, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and fresh baked goods (Chen,2013). Besides, complementary services are offered through cateringand on-premise sales.

Also, Wingstopprovides stiff competition since it has over 20 years’ experience.The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and operates over 600stores across the U.S., Singapore, Russia, and Mexico (Chen, 2013).Moreover, the enterprise has an extensive menu that includes bonelesswings and other distinctive flavors. Notably, Wingstop has hadcontinuous positive sales increases for a decade. The restaurantchain has won several top-notch awards for its excellent service andhand-cut seasoned fries. The entity obtains capital from a privateequity firm and gets revenues exceeding $20 million per annum (Chen,2013).

Nonetheless,Hooters of America is perhaps the greatest competitor of BWW. Thecompany is based in Atlanta and has over 400 franchises in almost 30countries. The first restaurant chain was opened in 1983 (Chen,2013). The longevity of the company has failed to diminish itsunprecedented financial success and popularity. Despite the presenttechnological advances, the entity’s performance continues to soardue to their consistency and reliability.

Future outlookof the organization

Buffalo WildWings has enjoyed phenomenal success due to several factors. Forexample, the company has adopted a competent strategic concept thatsatisfies a particular market niche. The enterprise has also explorednew markets through setting up franchises. In the future, I envisionBWW increasing the number of both owned and franchised stores. Thefirm will respond to the excellent potential shown in westernmarkets. Also, the company would lower its franchising fee to enhanceits appeal to local and foreign investors (Hoy &amp Stanworth,2014). New stores will be established to take advantage of theeconomies of scale. Such owned restaurants will be stationed onhighways to facilitate easy entry and exit of vehicles. Accessiblelocations will also appeal to customers in the particular region.

I also predictthat the company will modify its menu to focus on children and youngadults. Having such menus would attract whole families to therestaurant. In this regard, the enterprise will increase the numberof customers and hence boost sales. Besides, the firm will build onits competitive advantage. BWW has received positive reviews due tothe different sauces and wings available to its clients. Theorganization will seek to increase the variety of flavors and beers.The threat posed by competitors such as Hooters of America andWingstop will compel BWW to engage in more marketing campaigns. Inaddition, the company will increase the quality of its cateringservices.

Implementationof tools for measuring business success

BWW has implemented reliable tools that measure its success relativeto its competitors. In particular, the company has used aWindows-based point of sale management system that tracks all itsoperations (David &amp David, 2015). Consequently, the enterprisecompiles regular reports of its performance through differentquarters. Nevertheless, the company requires advanced tools thatwould enable it to continue its quest for expansion withoutencountering obstacles.


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