Importanceof communicating effectively

Itis of paramount important to communicate effectively either at home,school or workplace. When a person communicates effectively, it iseasy to understand his or her views, hence enable a constructiveconversation. For a person to meet his or her objectives in life onehas to interact with other people in the society, and this requireseffective communication. Therefore, effective communication isessential since it is acts as the means through which people shareopinions, ideas and knowledge.

Effectivecommunication is not only essential in our personal aspect of life,but also in our educational and professional endeavors. For instance,as a student, one is required to communicate either via phone,discussion forums or emails with other students, tutors and academicinstructors. A student can neither create a good email nor a properdiscussion post without effective communication skills. In theprofessional field, a person requires efficient communication skillsto interact with workmates productively. Additionally, a professionalis required to communicate with his seniors and juniors. This is onimportant issues affecting their organization. For example, a managerrequires effective communication skills to pass messages top-downeither through emails, word of mouth or phone.

Themain reason why GCUemphasizes the need for students to write quality discussion posts aswell as proper etiquette in discussion forums. This is in order tofacilitate effective and meaningful learning. A quality discussionpost will allow the learners to easily interpret the ideas,understand the concept and offer constructive critique. A studentmust be familiar with the proper etiquette when participating indiscussion forums, with the aim of sharing his or her opinions withothers and at the same time, learn new ideas from them. The overallaim of GCU is to adequately prepare its students to fit in thecontemporary, collaborative learning community.