InformationPaper on An Army White Paper: the Profession of Arms

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1.Purpose:Thepaper requires concerned parties to address concerns regarding armyas a profession of arms. It intends to define the roles thatprofessional soldiers play in defending American citizenry, who istheir employer.

2.Facts:Theprofessional soldier must exercise high ethical values outlined inthe codes guiding conduct, in pursuant of their constitutionallymandated obligations. Just like in most professions, the professionof arms is a calling, and its practitioners volunteer to be in theselfless service of the American people.

Theprofessional soldier should exercise expertise as instilled in themthrough training. They should operate from the trust with the peopleof America to achieve their goals of creating a peaceful environmentin violent conflict anticipated cultures.

Inliaison with the civilian military leaders, the professional soldiershould develop trust through obeying decisions made for protectingthe American people. The professional soldier and all leaders mustespouse the doctrines, values, and other policy statements, guidingoperations within the profession to ensure never is experienced adysfunctional situation. The ways of a soldier require conductingoneself to provide credit to oneself and honor to the nation.

Thearmy primarily provides the defense of fundamental human rights ofthe American people from the threat. The army must limit its actionsand fight with virtue to keep its heritage as a profession and tosteward the credibility of the United States(Davis,1996).

Thesoldiers must exhibit moral-ethical capabilities at the institutionaland individual level. These values will only have meaning when putinto action. It suffices to note that ethical principles such asproportionality, discrimination, and necessity can model tacticalmeasures.



Davis,M. (1996). Tracingthe evolution of the civil military operations center (CMOC) in the90s.Fort Leavenworth, Kan.: School of Advanced Military Studies, U.S.Army Command and General Staff College.