Instructionsare regarded as guidelines that inform a person on the procedure ofdoing a particular task. For instance, how to fix and join parts ofequipment or playing a game. When mounting a television on a wall,certain instructions are very crucial. First, one should ensure thathe/she has all the equipment since they are assembled forinstallation. For instance, when mounting a TV on the wall using akit, a cable wire tester should be used before the drilling process.It is a safety precaution against damage to the house wiring. Thecables used must also match the applicable building and fire codes.After meeting all these requirements, the TV is ready forinstallation and the procedure is simple to follow and easy tounderstand.

Thepositive feature of the instructions is that they determine the endresults of the process. Following the instructions well allows theuser to achieve his/her desired goal. Another positive featureregards the fact that instructions enable an individual to create alist of materials and necessities that may be useful for the process.Good instructions should be put in a sequential manner. This is atechnique of improving the effectiveness of an instruction. The stepsshould be arranged in a systemic way to allow the person reading themto follow easily (McMurrey, 2008).

Afire extinguisher is used to prevent a fire break out. Most fireextinguishers have 10 seconds of extinguishing power. Beforeoperating it, individuals should be familiar with the hands- ontraining. Once the fire is out, people should always check if thefire re-ignites instead of just walking away. The following areinstructions for operating a fire extinguisher at work.

  1. Pull the pin to permit the discharge of the contents

  2. After step 1, aim the bottom of the fire because when the extinguisher is focused on the flame, little effect is realized

  3. Squeeze the upper handle

  4. When fighting the fire, sweep from one side to the other to extinguish. The practice should be done at a safer distance.

Inconclusion, instructions provide a step by step description of how todo things. The above set of instructions outlined above forextinguishing fire is easy to use, inviting, and accessible.


McMurrey, D. (2008). Instructions: Tell them how to do it. Chicago: University of Chicago.