Interpretationof EPA by the Current and the Previous Administration

EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) is a Federal Government Agency in the UnitedStates that was ratified during the administration of President Nixonin 1970. The Agency is mandated to promote human health by proposingand enforcing laws that touch on pollution.

Thisessay compares and contrasts how the current Administrationinterprets the Energy Policy Act (EPA) verses past Administrations.

Thepast administration

EPAwas formed during the administration of President Nixon in 1970 aftermany concerns were raised by environmentalists about the extent ofpollution in the country. Initially EPA was specifically meant tohelp in environmental protection by evaluating the pollution effectscaused by the plants in the country and regulating the use ofchemicals such as pesticides and insecticides on the environment.However, unlike under the current administration, the Agency was notpowerful enough to sue the offenders because it was still strictlyregulated by the law. However, by 1972, EPA was able to enact severalprograms for improving environmental safety through the creation ofvarious Acts such as clean water Act.


Underthe administration of president Obama, the Energy Policy Act (EPA)focuses more on creating new ‘clean energy’ jobs, fosteringenergy independence in the US, reducing carbon emissions andinnovating technologies that promote clean and safe environment. Forinstance, EPA has its set of regulations that manufacturing plantsneed to adhere to, such as maintain a given standard of emissions.The Agency has enacted various programs and measures to ensure thatenvironmental safety and energy efficiency is maintained in thecountry. The measures include having energy rating on electricalappliances as well as giving incentives to companies to embraceenergy efficiency process with low level of emissions. A good exampleof EPA regulations of the industry is where vehicles engines arerequired to be tested to verify whether they meet the set emissionsstandards (Lovett et al 2007).

Currently,the EPA agency has been given the mandate to sue offenders thus morelegally powerful than in the previous administrations. For instance,products such as automobiles have to be lab-tested to check theiremissions capacity before they are introduced into the market, andfailure to which may attract lawsuits that may lead to heavypenalties.

Justlike the past administration, the current administrationinterpretation of EPA is to focus on ensuring safe environment byreducing pollutants. In addition, today EPA is permitted to monitorand regulate the operations of the industries to ensure low level ofpollution, similar to what happened in the previous administrations.The past administrations were propelled by the need to have cleanair, land and water because of the havoc that the plants emissionshad caused to the environment. Just as the previous administration,the current administration is focused on enacting environmentalprotection laws in addition to regulating the emissions from plants(EPA.2016). Inaddition, since being enacted, the agency is headed by anadministrator who is appointed by the president. The administratoroversees the daily operations of the agency in addition torepresenting it to the government’s functions.


ThePresident Obama’s administration interprets the Energy Policy Act(EPA) as a platform for promoting clean environment, and creation of‘clean energy’ jobs and technologies to help improved energyefficiency and the use of clean energy the country. This is contraryto the past administration whose focus was on regulating the alreadypresent plants that were responsible for the pollution.


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