Attitudeadjustment group is anorganizationbased in California. The teamcarries out the activity of ensuring that the particularmembers are profitable fortheir livelihoods. Attitude Adjustment Agencywhose location is Magnolia Avenue carries out an integral role in thesurrounding community (A.A., 2016).The agency has a stipulate function of ensuring that those who haveadjustment problems get the best treatment, which has high efficiencyrates. Nonetheless, through the group and its actions, the societyhas the assuranceof proper care for those who arelost.

Attitudeadjustment group offers counseling services to alcoholics who seek towalk away from the vice and people with various adjustment problemssuch as withdrawal symptoms from deaths and war. The group alsohandles those who suffer from other problems such as loneliness andmental imbalance (A.A., 2016).Therefore, the group is an instrumental piece of the entire societyin every aspect. On the other hand, Attitude Adjustment Groupaccommodates a large number of individuals. Since its location iswithin a church, it has sufficient space to contain a huge number ofpatients.

Thepopulation, which is served by the agency, faces limitation to thedistrict of its location. Since the companydoes not offer accommodation, there are no chances of people comingfrom farawayplaces to receive its services. On the other hand, the companycarries out recovery operations, counseling and prays for theindividual patients to undergo a better system, which wouldameliorate them. The services of the organization areofferedon the confinement of the religious norms(A.A., 2016).Thusno people from other religions such as Muslims and Buddhists canattend the services of the agency. Through the following information,it is only limited to the Christians who practice it.

Tofind information about the company, an interview with one of theofficials is instrumental. Therefore, the admissions director of theagency serves an important role and deserves adiscussion.The meetingis organized to look into various issues that arecarriedout by the company. On the other hand, the admissions director is incharge of the entryinto the agency. Nonetheless, the admissions director also takescharge of the issues that affect the organization. For an instance,when a member of the agency is sick, the admissions director willtake care of the protocol to be observed to ensure that the personreceives propertreatment. In the case that a guest comes to the agency, they do soin the invitationof the admissions director.

Thereare various questions, which will establish a keen study of theorganization. Theresearchquestions will bring out differentaspects of the organization and lead tothe making of asounddecision on the group.Therefore, with the querries,one can fully access the organization and establish variousconclusions on it (Burns,2010).The interview questions will touch on relevant issues that affect theorganization and review them ontheir relevance in the counseling world. The devolved questionsprovide a basic point of understanding the function and the entireorganization (Neuman,2012).Therefore, the following interview questions are important in makingthe customer have a definite conclusion on the organization

  1. How many employees does the organization require to function efficiently?

  2. What are the problems which are experienced by the members of the organization?

  3. What admission protocol does the team consider in inviting the members?

  4. What are the basic requirements of each member in the group?

  5. What qualities must one poses to become a member of the group?

  6. What is the most efficient model of counseling that the team uses?

  7. What areas of expertise does the organization major on?

  8. How does the surrounding community respond to the services of the organization? Do they see it as a definite establishment in the community, or do they see it as a setting to judge members of the society?

  9. What instance has ever led to one of the members withdrawing from the agency, this without considering that they were fully healed?

  10. Which is the most prevalent disorder in the community that the organization has identified? How does the team plan to handle this disorder, what other alternative methods can the organization provide for the handling of this particular disorder?

  11. How does the church members identify with the group? Do they know that such a program exists, are there members who support its funding through the well-wishers programs. What percentage of members sustains and funds the agency?

  12. Are there any other locations for the same organization or does it base only in the church? What inspired the team to found in the church and not anywhere else? What are the plans regarding the location of the body?

  13. How many people have successfully passed through the body?


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