InventoryManagement Systems

Automatedinventory software will allow the clothing store to access and inputits tasks of inventory and allow consistent, fast and reliabletracking. The system use identifiers to read items using scanners andbarcodes for the products being sold. The process is managed bysoftware that takes barcodes and tags and process crucial informationto produce the necessary output. The system minimizes guesswork andshifts the managers’ focus on other sectors for profitmaximization.

Productsinventory is increasingly significant in all businesses either smallor large business as it helps managers to find products demands andsupply and make easier orders. It informs them when they products arelow or out of stock. In the current business landscape, inventoriesare quick and easier with the advent of new technologies and softwarethat save the business managers the stress of manual tracking andreordering of high demand items. The automated system tracks businessquickly and effectively with a click of a button. Thesystem will make accurate sales predictions and update the inventory.Therefore, using the system in my sisters clothing store will helpcategorize and access the data in a reliable and competent way.

Thepaper seeks to create a low cost automated inventory system plan fora clothing store. The discussion will include the necessaryequipments required, explain the cost involved in the systemcreation, the required maintenance costs and process and give a Visiowork plan or equivalent software to explain the how the inventorysystem will work.


Forthis low cost clothing store, the following equipments will benecessary. A laptop or a computer will be necessary to help intracking the sold products and those in stock. This desktop or laptopshould have required peripherals such as barcode scanners, printers,monitor screen, regular scanners, printers for receipts printing, akeyboard, mouse and external hard drive.

Anew cash register will help in goods tracking. Therefore, thecomputer and cash register should be accompanied by an inventorytracking software. A Microsoft small business server standard isimportant to domain controllers’ configuration for inventory datareplication such as changes by the user and for recovery and backupsin case the system crash. For online communication purposes, networkequipments are necessary. This will allow system’s onlinecommunication with vendors for automatic high demand product placing.Since my sister has a small budget of about $9.500, it will beadvisable to purchaseCisco IAD2421-8FXS Router, and some cheaper external hard disk drivesfor database storage and backup. Microsoft Office 2008 will becrucial in creation and maintenance of the database of the system.Internet source and a modern will be necessary to facilitate onlinecommunication.

Magnetictags will be required for to label clothing items in the shelves, amagnetic scanner for reading the tags and a magnetic scanner alarm atthe entry points for detecting thieves and alerting the localenforcement team in case of any attempted theft. Point-of-Sale systemis important to speed up the process of transaction and limit humanerror possibilities. Point-of-Sale system should be equipped withradio frequency readers to show price information sellers andautomatically calculate sales totals and taxes for a giventransaction, making work easier for cashiers. The software is tied tothe inventory management software for instant update of inventorydatabase during the product sales.

Despitethe size of the business, communication technology is a musttherefore, my sister’s clothing store will need at least twotelephones connected to both internal network and outside line. Thiswill allow communication between customers and the retail store toclarify questions concerning the products and operation hours. Aninternal telephone line allows internal communication betweenemployees.

Costsinvolved in the system creation

Weneed to consider the cost of purchasing hardware such as computers,mouse, keyboards, scanners, screens, printers, operating system andthe server. The cost of programming software for the business must beconsidered. This will include the cost of anti-virus, backup systems,the cost of supplies such as ink, printer drums, papers, extra disksfor storage and the cost of upgrading the systems such as operatingsystems, software and computer. The set expenses such as the timerequired for system customizing for the users and data. The cost oftraining the employees and the support team on the new technology andthe cost of time and equipment required for system backup and databackup from time to time. The cost of internet that allows onlinecommunication and airtime need for telephone communication will alsobe considered.

Ongoingmaintenance requirements

Afterthe implementation of the automatic inventory systems for theclothing store, some maintenance practices will be needed foreffectiveness of the system. These will include, the end usertraining that will be provided before handing over the system to themanager (my sister in this case). The training for both my sister andher employees and support team will entail the training andguidelines on overall operations, tips on trouble shooting, systemsprocesses, support contact information as well as other crucial enduser information.

Thepatch management will be necessary as the maintenance team toregularly update the inventory system and avoid issues of softwarecompatibility and secure inventory data. A support technician will domonthly patch and software update will be done using Windows ServeUpdate Services. Since there is no cost for a centralized Anti-Virusserver, single Anti-virus version installed on the server will bemonitored for regular update of the system. Even though the system isprogrammed to perform automatic daily back up and databaseoptimization, the database size is getting bigger as the businesssales are going up, therefore, database tune up are required forbetter database performance.

Maintenanceof network equipment will be monitored to prevent future majornetwork challenges that may occur. Remote access capabilities on ASArouter, switch and Firewall will be done after the systemimplementation allow monitoring, configuration and supporting of thenetwork equipments. The Microsoft Access software maintenance will bedone daily as the developer must ensure that the user changesrequest, and bugs found must reflect on the MS Access database.

Workflowdiagram to show how the system will work

Aftera transaction is done, the MS Access from the clothing store willupdate the tables on the server via the server cable connection tothe computer or the laptop used. After the updating of the tables,the serve will automatically run the query for the high demand itemanalysis and generate feedback. The server will communicate to thevendor to remit the procurement order. Upon receiving procurementorder, the vendor will ship the item to the store and update thestore inventory.

Workflowdiagram to show how the system will work