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The primaryobjective of this paper is to develop a personalized Health Promotioncontract for a patient suffering from diabetes. The patient, JamesPerkins, is a 32-year old accountant from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Inthis program, the study will identify the measures that have been putin place by the patient, and the exact time frame within which theindividual expects to have achieved the desirable outcomes. To begin,the main goal of the Health Promotion contract has to be written in aSMART goal format. The report also needs to indicate the tools thatwill be utilized in monitoring the progress of the patient. Aschedule containing the goals and rewards of the entire process willalso be discussed in the paper (Gulledge, Beard &amp Health andAdministration Development Group, 1999).


I, James Perkins, agree to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order tobring my blood sugar level under control within the next four weeks.

Overview on Managing Diabetes

The disease ismanaged by ensuring that the blood sugar levels are kept undercontrol. For individuals with diabetes, the most appropriate healthyrange should fall between 90 and 130 mg/dl before meals less than 180mg/dl after meals. The latter reading can be obtained after one ortwo hours after meals.

In this regard,journal entries will be made for four weeks. There will be fourentries per week to highlight the personal experiences of thepatient. In addition to this, the journals will identify symptoms ofthe disease and the best practices being implemented in order tomanage the condition.

Module 1

July, 5

I feel tired even though I have not participated in any physicalactivity. With time, the level of fatigue has increased quickly to apoint where I am not able to perform any house chores. I will take abrisk walk around the room.

July, 6

Despite concerted efforts to overcome exhaustion, I have been unableto accomplish my tasks for the day. The symptoms from the previousday are still evident. To tackle this problem, I have decided on somepractices that I will incorporate into my daily schedule such astaking the dog out for a walk.

July, 7

From the moment I woke up in the morning, I have visited the toiletmore than eight times to urinate. At the beginning, I attributed thenumerous short calls to the meal I took the previous night beforegoing to bed. However, this is not the first time I am experiencingsuch symptoms lately. As a solution, I have decided to choose waterand calorie-free foods over my normal diet.

July, 8

Today, I am feeling extremely hungry despite having taken my meals asusual. The feeling has lasted for a substantial period. To counterthis problem, I have decided to control my portion sizes and takinginto account the fact that eating too much is likely to lead toweight gain.

Module 2

July, 11

Fatigue is one of my major challenges today. Even though it hadsubsided in the last few days, the effects are extensive today. Itcan be attributed to the physical activities that I participated inthe previous day. To deal with such problems, I have deemed it fit totake a rest.

July, 12

Over the last few days, I have suffered a substantial amount ofweight loss despite the fact that I have been taking my meals asusual. Therefore, I have decided to improve my diet by includinghealthier foods and exercising more often. I believe this will enableme to overcome the problem.

July, 13

For more than six hours, I have been feeling pain and numbness on myfeet and hands. This is despite the numerous efforts that I have madeto ensure that I keep warm. The tingling effect is felt in the arms.The solution to this problem involves going on short walks andstretching the house chores. Additionally, I have decided to take thestairs rather than the elevator or the escalator going shopping.

Module 3

July, 18

For the last two days, I have developed cuts and bruises that aretaking relatively longer to heal. Despite the massive efforts madetowards cure, I am yet to see any form of progress. In addition tothe prescriptions that I have been taking, I have decided have myfoot examined.

July, 19

Since I woke up this morning, I have experienced blurred vision. Eventhough I have taken various eye medications bought at the pharmacy,there are no noticeable changes. To identify the cause of theproblem, I am attending a dilated eye examination by an optometristat the local facility.

July, 20

I have been experiencing breathing problems for the better part ofthe day. In order to effectively deal with the issue, I have decidedto take the antibiotics as prescribed by my doctor. I believe thiswill help me to deal with the lung congestion and the blockedairways.

July, 21

Today when I looked myself in the mirror, I noticed blood spots in myeyes. I also experienced facial flushing. I therefore, decided toconduct blood pressure examination at the healthcare provider. Thisis to ascertain that my blood pressure reading falls within theallowed limit of 130/80 mmHg (Zazworsky, Bolin &amp Gaubeca, 2006).

Module 4

July, 25

My rate of coughing has increased massively over the last few days.The situation is worse after smoking or exposing myself to cigarettesmoke. As such, I am seeking the services of the NYS Smoker’sQuitline that provides help to individuals who want to quit smoking.

July, 26

The day began on a sour note for me as I had developed flu overnight.I thought that the chilly weather was responsible for the condition.However, despite the changing climatic conditions later in the day, Iwas still affected. I have decided to have the annual flu shot (Unger&amp Schwartz, 2013).

July, 27

I woke up with a severe headache and anxiety. In addition to this, Isuffered shortness of breath and nose bleeds. Since the lattersymptom could not subside despite my efforts, I decided to go to thenearby hospital from where I was informed that I was undergoing ahypertensive crisis. However, the doctor assured me that thecondition was stable and I should not worry.

July, 28

Putting my troubles for the previous day aside, today has beenrelatively calm as I have not experienced any form of discomfort.After taking my daily dose of prescribed medication, I have been ableto go about my daily chores effectively.


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