1. The 9-year-old girl was carrying two small boxes, 5 cents, and a can of nutmeg

  2. The teenager, who lives on Erie Avenue, is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 140 lbs., and likes both Oreos and French fries.

  3. During the 20th century, the federal government spent $ 4,840 billion to protect wildlife in the California Park.

  4. Seven people, including Jenna Miehe, will meet the Realtor at noon at the Sherer Realty Company on King Drive.

  5. The girl, 19, will receive her B.A in Journalism from a school in Massachusetts, then wants to join the U.S. Navy.

  6. The governor, a member of the Democratic Party, said his son earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree during the ‘1980s.

  7. Learning backward, the baby sitter in “Reno Nevada” said she saved 50 percent of her earnings, or about $100 a month.

  8. Richard Moore works as a reporter in the Southwest and, 11 years ago, won a Pulitzer Prize for a book “Tragedy.”

  9. In the morning, the Vice President of the United States.will meet three people including Rev. James Haloway of Toledo, Ohio.

  10. Mildred Berg, a native of Carbondale, Ill., yesterday criticized both President Obama and the U.S Constitution.