Judoand Religion

Judoand Religion

Judois a sport that is grouped under the cadre of modern martial art. Itinvolves two players who aim to take down or throw one another on theground with the aim of immobilizing each other. Whoever manages topin the other to the ground completely normally wins. It is a sportthat requires tactic and focus. It has the benefits of making peoplerelax as well as build their mental and physical capacity (Koizumi,2012). This goes without saying the role that the sport has inbuilding the morals of the people involved. There is also a greatrelationship between the sport and religion.

Judooriginated from Japan where most people taking part in the sportbelonged to the Tenrikyo group. These people hold the faith that thesoul belongs to an individual while his body belongs to God. It is,therefore, important for an individual to take good care of the bodyby making it strong and energetic. Since the body comes from ourmaker, it is, therefore, sacred and any exercise that is bound odevelop it is regarded as hierophany. This is, basically ofmanifestation of something that is considered to be holy.

Thereis also the aspect of sacred space that is enhanced by judo. Thesport accords an individual the opportunity to build his wellbeingand by honoring and respecting his body, he is able to boost hisinteraction with God, since the individual will have done inaccordance with expectations. The players are also to advance sharingthrough gift exchange as they copy each others’ moves. This goes along way in improving their moral obligations.


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