Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA

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Ms. Jackie Sharp

126 River HeightsDrive

Bettendorf, IA52544

Dear Ms. Sharp


MicrosoftCorporation is focused on increasing its productivity for the sake ofits customers. As the Microsoft Devices Group, we specialize increating hardware that exemplifies the excellence of digital work andlife experiences. Furthermore, we produce top-notch cloud services,operating systems, and applications.

In this regard,we are launching low-cost Lumia devices that reflect the latest NokiaX designs. Our new products have integrated innovative solutions suchas the Universal Windows Apps. Furthermore, we have a continuousdevelopment cycle that adopts the most efficient means of production.

We plan tocontinue our comprehensive efforts to produce functional tablets.Such devices will be manufactured using methods that complement ourOEM partners. Therefore, you can be sure that any changes will beprogressive rather than digressive. Also, the customary features thatprovide our products with unique identities will remain intact. Ourinnovative tablets will be useful during the next generation ofcorporate meetings. In addition, we will release collaborationdevices into the consumer market in the coming year. Thoughtful careand consideration has been expended to ensure the integration of newinteraction models. Consequently, Xbox hardware, Surface, and PPIproducts will revolutionize the phone market.

We implore you toconsider our new products carefully to determine their suitabilityand functionality. Please note that 50% discounts will be offered tothe first group of buyers within the next three months. Feel free tovisit our website for any inquiries on our products and prices. Youmay place your orders for the new products using the online consumerportal. We look forward to serving you in the near future.


Stephen Elop,

Executive VicePresident, Microsoft Devices Group.