Knowinghow to dissect a GCU assignment ensures successful completion of theassignment

1.Howdo objectives assist a student in completing the assignment?

Theobjectives are purposely advanced to keep the students focused on theachievement of theoutlinedgoals. The objectives are essential goals that need to be met at theend of a course. They determine progress and ascertain if studentshave understood a given course and have acquired the skills intended.

2.Describe what needs to be done to the assignment found in the samplesyllabus?

Thecurriculum provides coverage for all activities that are to beconducted throughout the course. It outlines assignments that have tobe done and shows their timing (time of submission). The assignmentshave to be handled within the time indicated in the syllabus, and theinstructor will assess them to determine progress in the course. Itis imperative that the student pays attention to the instructionsprovided in the assignment to achieve the assignment goals.

3.If you were to complete the assignment found in the sample syllabus,how would you set aside time to ensure it was completed on time?

Timeis a critical element towards handling an assignment therefore, theconsideration it is granted is paramount. To work within theschedule, students should prioritize their goals. In doing this, ithelps them reduce time wastage and spend quality time on theirassignments. It is also significant to avoid distractions while doingassignments. Also, in planning time, a student needs to be realisticnot to bite more than they can chew.

4.Will it be necessary to use the GCU library to complete theassignment found in the sample syllabus?

TheGCU Library provides the electronic platform, which makes it easy toaccess documents that may assist in completing the assignment. Astudent will find the GCU library in the Resources tab within theLoudcloud classroom. The library supplies resources that will beneeded to finish assignments given in the syllabus.

5.What resources are provided to complete the assignment found in thesample syllabus?

TheGCU Library offers a variety of resources to helpperfectlyfinishan assignment. It provides research academic and professionaljournals.

6.How will the instructor determine the student’s grade for theassignment?

GCUprovides grading criteria, also referred to as rubric, to grade theperformance in the assignments. It addresses specific details thathave to be included in the assignments to achieve a given grade. Astudent’s work will assess itself with the help of a rubric. Theinstructor’s job is to determine whether the students handletheirwork in compliance with the grading criteria (Becker 253).

7.What is not clear to you about the assignment in the sample syllabusand how would you obtain more information?

Itis not clear to me how the instructors will ensure there is nocopying among the students because the rubric only provides thedetails on how to handle the assignments but does not show howcheating will be curbed. Extra information can be found in the GCUwebsites, and also supplied on the syllabus tutorials.

8.How can a rubric help the student meet the instructor’s expectationfor the assignment?

Arubric specifies the requirements of assignments. It details themanner in which an assignment is to be carried out to achieve the setgoals. The rubric is essentially the instructor’s expectation of astudent and the determination of their ability to interpret theknowledge acquired in learning. Therefore, in following therequirements of a rubric, the student fulfills the instructor’swills.


Becker,Katrin. &quotGrading Programming Assignments Using Rubrics&quot.SIGCSEBull.35.3 (2003): 253. Web.