The acronym s refers to knowledge, skills and abilities learningoutcomes that make an individual more suitable to tackle a particularjob. Knowledge is the mastery of facts and a broad range ofinformation in a given subject area. There are three differentlevels of knowledge skills and abilities namely the novice level,intermediate and expert level. The novice level includes entailsindividuals that have just started gaining the valuable knowledge andskills and have minimum abilities to perform a particular task. Theintermediate level is comprised of individuals with just sufficient to accomplish daily corporate roles, while the expert levelcomprises of individuals with the highest level of . They are alsoprofessionals in utilizing the acquired in tackling job-relatedtasks. The different are evident in workplaces where different levels are charged with varied roles and responsibilities. In myformer employment, the experts were given the managerial roles. Theintermediate levels were offered the supervisory roles, while thenovice got the subordinate roles.

are related to parts of an open system model in that the parts ofthe open system model enhances . Open systems have porousboundaries which allow the exchange of feedback from and outside theorganization. The gathered information helps the workers to improvetheir performance to respond to the feedback thus add on to theirskills. Additionally, the feedback gained in open systems helpsemployees to devise more than one way to accomplish goals or reachsimilar results which increase employees` abilities.

In retrospection, the acronym is used to refer to Knowledge,skills and abilities that are useful in performing job-related tasks.The have three different levels. This include the novice,intermediate and the expert levels. are related to an open systemmodel in that the system has a feedback system that assists inimproving their , thus enhance their productivity.


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