TheSpanish empire was formed during the early arrival of the Spanishpeople in the Caribbean. The indigenous population succumbed toexploitation through cheap slave-like labor. There were labor systemsthat were imposed on the native population. Therefore, the essayfocuses on the treatment the native people of Spanish America by theinvaders.TheSpanish entradas arrival in Spanish America was followed by thediscovery of vast resources. There were silver mines and variety ofcrops, such as sugar cane, available during this period. In theColonial America, the labor systems were underdeveloped. Theindigenous people produced the necessary raw materials they needed.It was until the invasion of the Spanish that the establishment ofthe large scale production became widespread.1Spaindiscovered sources of great wealth and saw opportunities forthemselves. Before the Spanish conquered the place, indigenous peoplewere ready to trade and cooperate with them peacefully. However, theSpaniards were full of greed for wealth. It then resulted in theexploitation of the indigenous people. There various laborinstitutions that fueled and drove the exploitation. These comprisedof the encomiendas, repartamientos and mita. Repartamientoimposed forced labor on the indigenous people of Spanish America.They forced the natives to work in the mines and Spanish-owned farmsfor a certain number of years with little pay or no pay. It led tothe creations of slavery conditions especially in Peru in the silvermines. The establishment of New Laws resulted in the replacement ofrepartamiento with the encomienda system.Encomiendasystem lasted longer than repartamiento in Peru and was startedduring the Roman Empire. It involved the slogan that stated that thestronger people would protect the weaker ones in exchange for aservice. The Spanish monarch had the power to assign the Spaniards toprotect a particular group of the Native Americans. The indigenousleaders were granted the authority to mobilize the assessed tributeand labor. The encomiendas were characterized by separating theenslaved communities and breaking the family units.Mitawas another institution that imposed a mandatory public service onthe society of the Inca Empire. The Spanish Colonial governmentintensified this system. They enforced the rule that public servicewas required in community-driven projects.2.The system led to the abuse of people`s rights and became anintolerable burden to the community. The Spanish mita played the roleof acting as a subsidy to the Spanish state. They financed theEuropean wars by using tax revenues from the silver production.Theindigenous people of the Spanish America were subjected toexploitations using the system formed by the Spanish invaders. Theseinstitutions enabled the invaders to control the community and extendtheir territory. The different institutions had various roles where aleader was appointed and assigned particular tasks.Bibliography

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