is the ability to guide a particular group of people with a commongoal towards its attainment. It can be a daunting task. It involvesmastering a lot of dynamic concepts such as good communication,innovation, charisma, intelligence, an open mind and self-efficacyamong many others. This paper seeks to study Taira’s situation asshe moves to occupy her father’s position as CEO of Loads of Funcompany.

Taira’sCurrent Role in The Business

Tairais a 35-year-old divorcee and the daughter of Garret Salmon, theowner of a medium sized company called Loads of Fun. She has a newdegree in Business Management. Taira has continually worked with thecompany in the past. However, she has never taken a seriousleadership position.Her degree can now put her in a position to takeover the company. Taira and her father have come to a consensus thatshe is the next CEO in two months’ time. The degree has accordedher the necessary skills needed to manage a business.However, work inthe field is much more complicated than reading a book.An added advantage is her father’s experience. He has 40-years worth of knowledge. This power puts her in the best position to lead thecompany in future.

Taira’sPlan for The Business Future

Tairaplans to make significant changes in the business. First, she plansto change the business’s target market. The current market involvescard stationers and stores. She plans to sell directly to customers.A bold move that will require capturing moving targets as opposed tofixed stores which are in one particular place.

Tairasees the online market as having the potential for future growth. Theonline market never closes as it is a twenty-four-hour market. Thisfeature ensures that the company runs all the time. Users can accessthe company at anytime and anywhere.

Tairaplans toface-lift the company’s image along with its marketing plans. This shift will help her reach out to new markets in a bid tokeep them. Chief among them will be their new online retail market.

Tairaaims to make the business “green”. Despite saving a lot of moneyin the past due to their closeness to the source of paper, she plansto raise the company’s sustainability in the industry.Contrary towhat people might think, this shift is not only advantageous for theenvironment, but also to the company(“5Lessons From The Companies Making Sustainability More Profitable ThanEver,” 2013).This move is hot on the heels of pressure from a current articlehighlighting the same issue.

Sheplans to allocate her father another role in the company as she takesover his post. He has a lot of experience he started the companyforty years ago. He hinted that he just wants a lesser position inthe enterprise but Taira knows he never really meant it.

Individual Skills that Taira Requires

Tairaneeds to enhance her personal leadership skills to successfully runher father`s company. The first skill she needs to develop is heradaptability skills. She has many bold plans to modify the companyand this comes with its fair set of challenges. To successfullytackle these challenges and still manage to take care of her child asa single mother, she must quickly adapt to any situation that comesher way(“TheAgile Leader,” n.d.).Taira needs to shy away from the usual mental scripts that run herlife and push the envelope by taking calculated risks.

Tairaneeds to be decisive and charismatic her manner is known to be verylax. She needs to change this perception in her staff’s minds.Citing that the staff knows about her nasty divorce, she needs toshow that she capable of standing on her own.

Tairaneeds to work on her communication skills. With this skill,she canfully articulate her vision for the company to the staff. A skillthat also erases the perception of her being the shy “boss’sdaughter.”

Relationship Building Challenges that Taira is Facing

Tairafaces an uphill task of establishing herself and her style as shetries to get the staff to rally behind her. If she places her fatheras the head of the Singapore joint venture, she will get to keep thestaff and her father at the same time. Many people across multiplegenerations do not see eye to eye with Garret’s methods.He does notgive them room to express their ideas. It is usually his way or thehighway. This move will involve managing the various staff generations at work so as to increase productivity(“Leadingthe Four Generations at Work,” n.d.).Todo this, she needs to move her father away from the rest of themulti-generation staff. Moving her father away removes any confusionas to who is in charge. Moving him to the joint venture is a win-winfor both father and daughter because he is still in the company, sheis in charge and has the staff behind her. She can now makesignificant changes in the business with their support.

TheEnvironment for Change in Taira’s Plan

Tairaneeds to establish the joint venture with a Singapore company.Despite both being uncomfortable and due to their lack of expertisein Asian culture, it’s an excellent business opportunity for bothfirms. This deal is very lucrative and vital to the company’sfuture they cannot afford to lose it. It is a move that will movethem from a medium sized company to a large multi-national company.Itis best she places her father in the new joint venture with theSingapore firm to create a different web store that will retailinvitations to the Asian market in Singapore. Garret is the best fitfor this position because he is an extrovert.His need for action andthirst for running the business are a bonus. To add insult toinjury,a combination of his hands-on style and open personality willensure he quickly adapts to the new culture. Once he has a grasp onthe Asian culture, he will be more comfortable with the new move. Anact that will boost his confidence and the company’s growth andexpansion.


Theessay mainly features the importance of knowledge or experience inmolding valuable leadership skills. Knowledge of new trends whilealso having staff with years of experience makes a business powerful.Knowledge management and knowledge sharing are at the core of anysuccessful business(“Importanceof knowledge to a growing business,” n.d.).A leader who does not implement this system is doomed to fail asthey will never engage in any new business opportunities. A companywith a skilled leader and a sound knowledge structure runs smoothlyand efficiently. The firm’s leader can use the structure to developa competitive advantage and grow at the same time.


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