Letterto Editor and Draft Initiative


Iam writing this message requesting for your help as educationalstakeholders you should ensure that schools and learning institutionslocated in Arizona are kept free of discrimination regardless ofstudents’ race, color, background, religion, and nation of origin.They need a relaxed environment because the learning institution istheir second home hence, they need to feel safe while studying.Discrimination is illegal, and both the Arizona law and the UnitedStates’ constitution forbid it. Racism is also forbidden, and allAmericans are entitled to all rights and freedom outlined in theconstitution hence, they should not be discriminated. Some studentsin Arizona are immigrants or on part/full time scholarship hence,some of them tend to be discriminated based on their races andcountries of origin.

Undeniably,immigrants are recognized under the American constitution thus, theyshould be protected and given safety in the same measure given to theAmericans. I support your initiatives of ensuring that the studentsare not subjected to discrimination or harassment that may resultfrom misinformation from the media. For example, I have had caseswhere some students who are refugees from Syria were discriminatedand harassed they were constantly referred to as terrorists by theirclassmates. Such actions result from misinformation in the media thatportrays all Muslim students as being part of terrorist and outlawedgroups.

Discriminationand harassment in schools can take many forms .such as name calling,defamatory remarks targeted to hurt the student, or even physicalabuse that can result after the victim reacts to provocation. If theenigma is not addressed early enough, it can jeopardize the student`sability to learn, and, in worse worst scenarios, it may end upaffecting their grades and future lives. Such actions, further, havea high likelihood of interfering with the lives of the studentthrough undermining their physical and emotional well-being,provoking them to retaliate violently, and sometimes exacerbatingcommunity conflicts.

Additionally,discrimination or harassment in schools cannot be allowed to continueas it interferes with the rights and freedoms of the studentsaffected. Parents look up to you as educational leaders andstakeholders to come up with a policy or strategy that can addresssuch concerns in Arizona once and for all. The recent happenings inour country can also have a great impact on the students as theyinterpret them wrongly. For instance, black students already feellike Americans have a racial problem thus, whenever a white studentjokes about something, they can take it seriously and reactviolently. Also, the world is witnessing some terrorist attacksmaking Muslim and middle eastern students a target of religiousdiscrimination and harassment [ CITATION Gla06 l 1033 ].

Ameeting needs to be convened whereby the issue of discrimination inArizona schools will be tackled to find permanent and lastingsolutions to the issue at hand. The meeting will, also, offer anopportunity for reflection, discussion, and increased understandingon how the students can be encouraged to live together in peace andharmony. Maintaining safety in schools must not be used as an excuseto create unlawful hostile environments where some students do notfeel comfortable. Schools should create a system that fosters unityso that all students can feel as part of one family.


Glanzer, P. L. (2006). Legislating the Good A Survey and Evaluation of Character Education Laws in the United States. Sage Journals, 525-550.