Itinvolves the maintenance of the system to its default workingcondition. The system maintenance may be due to a breakdown and inmost cases, it is either planned or unplanned. An example includesfixing a bug in a database system that keeps on retrieving the wronginformation due to a computer virus. The bug interferes with thedatabase and makes it hard for the system to create and handlequeries. A good database should be efficient and free from errors,but the bugs prevent this and therefore the system should be reset toits default setting. The priority level of the system is level 1because the database system plays a major role in any institution. Adatabase is frequently used to store data and provide data when it isneeded. An institution will be paralyzed if their database system wasnot working.


Itentails the maintenance of the system due to external factors orstrategic modifications within an organization. The system isdesigned in a way that it can handle future tasks and prevent thepossibility of having a new system in place. An example includesupdating software to pick up more client details to help in reliablereport generation to guide the business. Failure to modify softwarerapidly and regularly leads to losing business opportunities. Themaintenance level of the system will be 1. A company that does notadapt according to its market demands will soon collapse, and thisresults in the ultimate closure of the business.


Itinvolves the structuring of the system after receiving it to improvethe performance and maintainability. An example includes developingthe user interface to be more user-friendly. This type of maintenanceis a Level 2. Optimization and the removal of outdated capabilitiesare critical to the endurance of any company, however, provided thebusiness can function despite this modification this maintenanceoperation is not that vital to the firm.


Preventionis better than cure hence preventive maintenance involves regularcheckups on a system to ensure that it is unlikely for it to fail. Anexample includes performing a robustness test to see the strength ofthe system under pressure. This type of maintenance is a Level 3because it does not derail the productiveness of the system comparedto corrective maintenance.


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