Arenowned singer, producer, as well as songwriter, stunsmany with her appearance and the ever beautiful looks every time sheappears in public. Born in the month of March 12th the year 1970 inHuntington, New York, to an African-American father and anIrish-American mother, Mariah went through a tough childhood tobecome the person she is today. Brought up in a multiracial family,Mariah witnessed racial insult, violence, as well as hostility at atender age when crosses were burnt on their compound and their carblown-up in addition to the poisoning of their dogs. She is the thirdand the youngest member of their family with siblings Morgan andAlison aged over 10 years older. Building from this background, thispaper will present a description of the physical traits of MariahCarey.

Thefirst thing that one notices when he/she meets is hertrim and well-maintained body. Light skinned in complexion and havingan average height of between 1.7 and 1.8 m looks like amodel in the fashion business. In every event that she attendsincluding parties, when looking at the audience, Mariah displays hereye-popping looks using her brown eyes that appear to match her curlybrown hair. She has raised shoulders, a slim waist, and a sculptednose making her face distinct from other women.

Acloser look at reveals her beautifully curled naturalbrown hair well done to match her dressing. She has brown eyes thatmake her look glamorous when staring at the cameras. Popular amongher fans with an excellent voice and ability to hit very high notes,’s voice and figure have withered the turbulent timesto remain the same. In a period of over 10 years, inher pop curly-hair still wears outfits that seductively reveal herstructure. Seeing her for the first time, one realizes that sheunderstands how to capture attention using her clothes and gear.

Favoritefor wearing high heels in almost every event, Mariah has smoothspotless and clean legs that elevate her structure thereby displayingher trim average weight body. Mariah’s legs appear long from afara feature that seems to be made possible by the high heels shoespopular with her outfit. An individual who has never seen Mariah inperson and has probably heard her outstanding angelic voice wouldfirst notice her curly brown hair on appearance, then her brown eyes,followed by her trim body and finally the clean, spotless legs.

Inconclusion, Mariah remains the only female artist to have had sevenalbums triple platinum in America as well as the only artist havingthree entrances on number one. She is equally known to be the onlyartist whose initial 5 single albums managed to reach the top rankingin America. While her physical attributes have also played asignificant role in her singing career, is reported tohave made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the musician havingthe highest paid recording contract in addition to being the femaleartist with the largest number of singles totaling to 15. Mariahphysical traits have also enabled her to feature in a number ofadverts and live shows in addition to championing ventures such asweight loss among women.