Thecompany in this case study is a clothing company that deals in thesale of suits. The company is called Imperial Dynasty. Itspecifically sells tailor-made suits. Imperial Dynasty Company wasoriginally based in the United States but has set shops in severalregions around the world. The company faces competition from otherfirms that deal in tailor made suits. As a result of the stiffcompetition, the company registered a reduced sales volume in thejust ended financial year. In addition to setting shops, it also hasan online shop through which the clients can place orders and get thesuits delivered at their points of convenience.


Theaudience for the marketing campaign are the men. The company deals inthe sale of different types of suits. They range from men officesuits to men wedding suits. Imperial Dynasty’s target marketinclude the children (ages 7 to 10), the teenagers, and the adults.As already indicated, the company has shops in different regionsaround the world. The market includes both the colder regions and thehotter regions. In addressing this diversity in the market, the suitsusually have additional apparels, like the scarfs and snood, so as toappeal to those regions with cold climate. At the same time, thedesign of the coats vary. Some of these designs are for temperateregions and colder regions. The targeted audience is one thatconsumes only trendy suits, and purchase for the purpose of prestige.As such, the company has always ensured that the designs of the suitsare trendy, and are prestigious.

Howto brand

Theadvertising campaign that will be used is “The gentleman suits”.All males want to be regarded gentlemen. Perhaps, the mostappropriate reason for this is that the characteristics of being agentleman appeal to most people. Gentlemen are also known to be“authentic,” unique and sophisticated. Most people who wear suitswant to appear sophisticated. As such in using the marketingcampaign, the cloth line would appeal to most males, who are thepotential consumers of the product.

Theadvertising campaign will be done in various media, such as socialmedia, television, print media, radio, event and trade shows, andsearch engines among others. All these media platforms would be usedso as to get people talking about the campaign slogan. The campaignsthrough online platforms will be intensified since they have thepotential of reaching most potential consumers.

Reasonfor branding

Thebranding would make the suits made by imperial dynasty unique. Theuniqueness would allow for easier identification of the company’sproducts in the market. The advertising campaign would make the suitsappeal to most consumers since their value of appreciation is likelyto go up. In raising the value, the suits would be consideredluxurious, something that most consumers would love to associatewith. By increasing the level of appreciation of the suits, the levelof confidence of the clients would also increase, thus, ensuringcustomer loyalty. Since the company registered a lower sales volume,the marketing campaign is intended to increase the number of newconsumers that would lead to a rise in recorded sales. The increasein the amount of sales, ultimately, results in an increase in theprofit margins.


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