Marketers can implement models such as the 4Cs of marketing thatconsist of Content, Convenience, community, and the curatedenvironment as their marketing strategy (FORA.tv, 2014). The paperseeks to compare two companies where one has successfully implementedthe 4Cs while the other has not.

One of the firms that represent the 4C model well is the UberTechnologies Inc. The company is successful at applying the marketmodel because it focused on the needs and wants of the consumersregarding transportation services and based on the content, thecompany developed the Uber application that supports online trackingthus meeting the expectations of the clients and fully satisfies them(Walker, 2016). The company has also been able to achieve theconvenience element because their customers can access a wide ofrange services such as car hire, taxi services, and they can use thevehicles to deliver products. Since the business is mobile, itpromotes convenience since their clients only need to use theirsmartphones to enjoy the Uber services. The influence on thecommunity has been overwhelming since the launch of the Companywhereby there is increased demand for its services that providegreater economic opportunities, guarantees safety, and better accessto transportation.

An organization that does not represent the 4Cs well is the Quiznosfood restaurant. One example why the company struggles to implementthe model is that it lacks a curated environment where it selects andorganizes what direction the business should be heading. Anotherreason the company is struggling is that it lacked the communityinfluence because based on its marketing adverts such as the BurningMan festival where it is argued they engaged in commodification(Daley, 2016). Quiznos can improve its approach to implementingpromotion strategies that positively affect the society. Besides,they need to set the goals they would wish to attain within a periodof marketing.


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