MassMedia and Health

“Mypeople suffer because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 1:6,The New King James Version).”There was a time when reaching even a 1000 people at a time was achallenge and because of that barrier, a lot of people suffered anddied from social problems such as safe deliveries, cholera, lack ofimmunization, cancer, pneumonia and other illness(Seale, 2002).Even if a cure was available or preventive measures, it was difficultto make the masses aware. But, since the wake of mass media, theworld has been made a global village market where information canflow easily.

Massmedia coupled with technology has made it possible to educate andinform the masses about the social problems that have marred oursociety and propose solutions where possible (Marinescu,2016).This has been made cheap because of mass media technology as withjust a single channel you can reach millions of people at once.Organizations like World Cancer and World Health Organization amongothers can sensitize people on various social problems, what causesthem and how to avoid(Marinescu, 2016).When a medical breakthrough has been made, this channel has becomevery useful in disseminating information to masses unlike in the pastwhere the only people who would get such information were only thosewithin the vicinity of the scientific discovery(Marinescu, 2016).

Todaythose social problems that tormented us in the past and looked sodangerous, unavoidable and incurable, with the help of mass mediathey have been reduced to just common social problems that affect oursociety. We no longer quarantine HIV/AIDS patients because throughmass media, we are enlightened. Mass media has been very useful inpositively changing our perception about common social problems(Marinescu, 2016).Thus, we can deal with them better and courageously.


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