Mentaland emotional Wellness

Ihad a moderate stress level which I consider convenient, but I needto keep it or improve. There are various ways to maintain physicaland emotional stress at balance. One is talking to the appropriateperson especially with a high experience(American Nurse Association, 2011).He/she will guide you on how to deal with emotional or physicalstress as he/she might have encountered the same problem. Pastoralcounseling is also good in keeping your spiritual wellness at thecheck, as this guidance is usually motivating and inspiring (AmericanNurse Association, 2011).Personally, I have maintained a moderate stress level by creating arelaxing environment around myself such as good cordialrelationships, being humble, and choosing an appropriate workingnurse unit.

Currently,I have no responsibilities as a 40-year-old nurse. If I had kids totake to school, feed, a husband to take care of and leadershipposition in my nurse unit, may be my stress assessment would bedifferent.

Socialnetworks and support groups have been linked to mental and physicalhealth outcomes in a person’s life. When a person is sociallyconnected, he/she is believed to have resistance against a wide arrayof health outcomes ranging from morbidity to functional ones.Evidence show that people who are socially connected can deal withstressful events effectively and the relationship can help them inpreventing the beginning of psychiatric disorders, especiallydepression(Coetze &amp Klopper, 2010).Also, the social network has been associated with positive prognosesand survival after an illness. The effects of social connectionaffect not only women but also men.

Theconviction that women are socially inferior to men affects thepsychological development of the disadvantaged gender. Such thinkingin a society makes women question any decision they make and as aresult of being extra cautious and conservative, they end upsuffering emotionally as they are in constant thought battle betweentheir desire to do their will and conform to the social standing(Coetze&amp Klopper, 2010).While to men, this is not an issue because they do as they want sincethe society has heightened their social standings. This ends upaffecting the confidence of women and they may suffer from lowself-esteem (Coetze&amp Klopper, 2010).

BecauseI take my health seriously, I have never allowed the fear of seekinghelp to stand in my way. In the future, many patients will depend onmy decision and advice, for that reason I have to be strong andhonest when seeking medical assistance.


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