Motor Vehicleaccidents that result in serious body injuries or fatalities

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This paperintends to serve as an explanation about the number of casualties andinjuries that are related to motor-vehicle accidents. By providing anexplanation, the paper intends to serve as awareness about the sameand also, it tries to find out the reasons behind the fatalities andthe ways to curb the intensity of these accidents.

Keywords: accidents,motor-vehicle, injuries, deaths.

MotorVehicle accidents, which lead to fatalities or serious injuries

Motor vehiclecrashes constitute an important part of road accidents that takeplace every day. Usually, accidents occur due to the negligence fromeither side of the victims or at least one side of the victims, whoare involved in the accident. Right from drunk and drive, which isthe major cause of all the road accidents to ignoring the use of theseat belts and distracted driving, various reasons are kept before usas the pretext of all kinds of road accidents. The followinggraphical representation would provide us an idea about the intensityof road accidents that occur per year in the developed countries.

Figure 1:Percentage of Alcohol-Based Motor Vehicle Deaths that happen peryear in the developed countries (Quan, 2016)

Let us now havea brief look at some of the motor vehicle based accidents that tookplace recently.

  • On July 2, 2016, at Boston Post Road, US, a motor vehicle collided with a Bicyclist, who was travelling in the western direction in the eastern lane. This accident was mainly due to the ignorance of traffic rules from the bicyclist’s part. The selection of wrong lanes from the bicyclist’s part was the major cause of the accident (Roos, 2016).

  • In 2011, a pregnant woman, Toni Donato-Bolis and her unborn son was killed in a major road accident by Daniel Pereira, who was just 22 when he killed the woman and the cause of the accident was termed as distracted driving. Though, Pereira was fined and punished for the crime committed, one cannot deny the fact that two precious lives were lost during the accident (Caffrey, 2012).

  • On July 3, 2016, a 44-year-old man named Tracy Govan at Louisiana killed a city police officer named David Elahi, under the ruse of drunk and drive. The officer was standing near a patrol car when the accident took place. It was a clear case of vehicular homicide and the driver was arrested (Press, 2016).

Some of the factors, which can be followedin order to reduce the number of deaths by these road accidents canbe,

  • No drunk driving, and obeying the speed limits

  • Following the traffic rules

  • Wearing seat belts properly (both front and rear seats) and the use of booster seats for children

  • Introducing Graduate Driving License systems for everyone, who wishes to drive

  • No distracted and irresponsible driving

If we lookclosely at the cases presented above, wecan see that hasty driving, ignorance of the road and safety rules,drunk and drive are the sole causes of the accidents. Deathsby Motor vehicles are the sole cause of higher number ofdeaths in the US and is seriously treatedas a public concern in the country (Douglass, 2016). Safe driving, asa practical concept involves the above-mentioned facets. If all thesemeasures had been rightly followed by the drivers, these accidentsand the scores of other accidents, whichtake place every day could have been prevented. Stricter safety rulesand stringent laws concerning driving should be implemented in orderto make the concept of ‘Safe Driving’, a reality.

Austere speed limits along withposing right restrictions on teen driving,imposing heavy fine and/ other punishments on drunk driving, makingit mandatory for everyone to wear seatbelts, imposing speed limitsproperly etc. can curb the injuries and deaths to a certainextent. For instance, it is possible to drive faster in Texas whereasin Illinois, the situation is different,which can be attributed to the fact of varying speed limits imposedon these cities (Bogage, 2016). Hence,stricter laws only create the necessary fear in the minds of thedrivers, without which it is highly improbable to curb themotor-vehicle based deaths.


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