1. Should people above the age of 15 years get body piercings?

  2. Should the male gender be allowed to pierce their bodies?

  3. What are some of the health factors associated with having several piercings on the body?

  4. Should body piercings be considered a means of self-expression?

  5. Is social media the main source of information for the customers with regards to body piercing?

  6. Does accompanying a piercing with a stud make it look attractive?

  7. Is piercing one of the ways through which an individual can identify with his/her peers?

  8. How many negative aspects of body piercing are you aware of? Mention them?

  9. What are the chances of you piercing your body?

  10. Between your ears and nose, which one would you prefer to pierce?

  11. Do you prefer piercing your tongue and nipple?

  12. Is getting the process of piercing done in a studio safe?

  13. Would you consider the cost and health risks before piercing your body?