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Diversityin Development Teams

Diversityin development teams refers to interacting and dealing with people ofdifferent backgrounds or cultures hence, the development teamincludes people of different races, gender, ethnicity, age groupseducation levels, and personalities (Green, 2002). It helpsindividuals appreciate and understand others` effort and activities.

Challengesof Diversity in a Development Team

Diversitycomes along with some difficulties that can threaten to crippleoperations of such a group. For instance, ineffective communicationresults in confusion and lack of cohesion in a team. Cultural andlanguage barriers are also communication challenges that need to beovercome for diversity to succeed in an organization. Some of themembers of groups can also be resistant to change thus, posing achallenge to the general success of the team. Members who resistchange may silence, those who embrace new ideas thus, hinderingpositive growth. Managing diversity can also proof to be a majorchallenge especially, in an organization that lacks strategy on howto deal with people from diversified backgrounds (Green, 2002).

Benefitsof Diversity

Thesuccess of any development team, mostly, depends on how it embracesor shuns diversity. A team that has a diverse workforce has agreater variety of solutions than problems that may be facing it(Green, 2002). A diverse workforce also presents the team with anextensive collection of skills and experiences hence, enabling thegroup to tackle big projects. Having team members from variousbackgrounds, also, ensures a variety of viewpoints duringdiscussions thus, providing a larger resource of ideas andexperiences. Also, a team that embraces diversity also inspires itsmembers to perform to the best of their abilities.

Havingpeople from diverse cultures and backgrounds, making up a team, canhave a lot of benefits, but it can also result into some challenges.The most important issue is to ensure that the challenges areaddressed before they arise so that the team can work together inpeace and harmony.


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