Story1 (for the Fresno Bee, Wed. Jan. 8 edition)

Aman’s truck wasburntand a 3-year-old boy treated in hospital on Jan. 7 after a lady namedShonialost control of her car while driving in Central Fresno. Shoniawas distracted by someone who honked at her. While she turned to lookback, she lost control of the brakes and ran into a gas pump, burningit. A 44-year-old man escaped any injury,and the boy complained of head pain. According to the police, Shoniawas driving without insurance and with a suspended license.

Story2 (Also for Fresno Bee, Wed. Jan. 8 edition)

FresnoCity Council voted on Jan. 7 against the banning of fires in thecity. The Air pollution control unit in Fresno is highly concernedabout the pollution arising from wood burning fires. The firesoriginated from the new homes constructed in the city. The votesupporting the ban won by a score of 5-2. The critics said that theproposed limitation would cost $5,000- $10,000 in staff time.

Story3 (Also for Fresno Bee, Wed. Jan. 8 edition)

FairfaxTown Council held a meeting on January 7th to oppose the restrictionon freedom of speech. It waspassedthat there should be secret military tribunals and wiretappingconversations between the prisoners and their lawyers. The council’saim was to oppose the US government legislation. More than 100 peopleattended the meeting, and most of them spoke for the resolution. TheTown Council won with a 4-1 vote. According to the council, Ellsbergleaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in the late 1960s.He stated that the current laws were against the rights thatprotected him at a time when he spoke against the Viet Nam War.