Ericacan be compared to visionary women who did not let their socialconstruct of gender define them but persisted towards the attainmentof their goals. Her success in life is a proof that the USA is a landof opportunity where everyone’s dream can come true. Her passionfor public health drove her to rise to greater heights in education.She attained a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management in theAlbany state university. Subsequently, she continued with heracademic excellence by further pursuing Masters of Public Health inEnvironmental Health at Fort Valley State University. As if that wasnot enough, she acquired her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from WaldenUniversity in Minneapolis.

Essentialqualities that make Erica exceptional are her desire to pursue herpassion and readiness to serve others no matter the challenges shefaces, which has enabled her to get an opportunity at ChenegaConsulting in March 2016. She is the Health Communications Specialistfor the Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development(DSEPD) in the Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and LaboratoryServices (CSELS). In this facility, she has become the pivot ofhealth communication needs by addressing critical edits and clearancereviews, and also providing innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Herworks resonate in the intranet of CDC Connect site, where she hascontributed her views through inside stories, snapshots, anddiscussions. These efforts have made her be acknowledged by the CDC’sDirector, who granted her auto pen signing authority, to process 100+graduate certificates for fellowship students completing assignmentsin various departments. What gives Erica the greatest comfort andsatisfaction in her career is the fact that public health is not onlyher profession, but also her passion.

Ericahas supported health marketing initiatives through various articles,the recent one being “FoodborneIllness and Seasonality Related to Mobile Food Sources at Festivalsand Group Gatherings in the State of Georgia,”which was featured on the cover of theNationalJournal of Environmental Health.For Erica, the spirit of collaboration at Chenega Consulting keepsher energized and enthusiastic about her role. She likes the factthat everyone brings something awesome to the table, and she is alsoa member of a multidisciplinary team of public health professionals.

Beforeventuring in public health, Erica explored many careers ranging fromEnvironmentalist, Project coordinator for Division of HIV/AIDS (DHAP)to a part-time Faculty in the Bachelor of Sciences division. Erica isnot only an academic achiever, but also she has been blessed to be agreat mother of two, Kim and Chris, who are seven and eight yearsrespectively and a loving wife to —. Above writing,traveling and her career, she loves spending time with her family andwatching her sons play football. Youwould be right to call her a team mom.This shows you the vigor and enthusiasm of Erica in her life inpursuit of success in family and career. She is indeed an excellentrole model who shows the true power of a woman. Her joy in life hasbeen fulfilled through the balance of her career and familyresponsibilities, and the support of those dear to her. Thus, Ericashows us how determination, passion, and family have beeninstrumental in contributing to her success today.