Obesityand Overweight

Accordingto USA Today and Livestrong.com organizations, diabetes, high bloodpressure, cancer and high cholesterol are among the seven most healthissues that Americans face (Kulas,2013Speights, 2014). It is important to know that most of these problemsare directly correlated with obesity and overweight. With theemergence of technology, it has become easier to make processed foodsthat have high contents of fats, sodium, and sugar, which are usuallydetrimental to our health(Tulchinsky &amp Varavikova 2014).

Furthermore,technology has led to the development of many entertainmentinstruments, which have replaced physical activities. For instance,children spend their days playing PS and Xbox or other games, hencereducing the level of field exercises. Moreover, they will consumeprocessed foods. The same culture is translated to grownups who areemployed especially in office jobs hence, maintaining the unhealthyeating patterns coupled with zero or less exercise (Tulchinsky&amp Varavikova 2014).

Thesepeople will become obese and overweight due to lack of proper diet,hence making their bodies accumulate more fats, sodium, and sugar,which make them susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure,cancer and diabetes mellitus. Unfortunately, this problem is notlimited to a particular population, every person in my community isat risk of this menace if he/she does not check his/her level ofphysical exercise and observe proper diet(National Institute of Health, 2012).

Accordingto data from National Health and Nutrition Examination 2009-2010 twoin every three grown-ups are either obese or overweight more thanone in every three adults are obese one-third of children below 19years are either obese or overweight (National Institute of Health, 2012). Thus, I identified obesity and overweight as the most seriousissues that affect my community as they are causes of myriad healthproblems, which are costly to our economy in terms of finance, time,and robbing our country of energetic people through early deathscaused by cancer, heart failure, diabetes or stroke.


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