in Adult Can Be Prevented If We Develop Proper Nutritional Habits inChildhood

in adults is mostly contributed by poor nutritional habits duringchildhood. It is true that obesity in adults can be prevented if eachand every one of us develops proper nutritional habits at childhood.There has been quite a number of overwhelmingly increasing childhoodobesity in the country and even around the globe. These problems seemto mostly affecting the developed nations. Consequently, somethingmust be done how to curb this menace before it gets way out ofcontrol. Quite a number of factors lead to obesity in children aswell as adults. Nevertheless, top on the list of these factors is thepoor nutritional habits that most families have adopted for theirchildren when they are growing up. It becomes hard for these familiesand the children as well to change their lifestyle that they are usedto, even though they well know it poses a huge health risk or evendanger to the life of these children. In most cases, childhoodobesity can be considered to be a form of parental neglect. This isbecause most parents, even after knowing the threats that obesityposes to their children’s wellbeing and livelihood, they stillrefuse to follow medical orders and are unwilling to change anddevelop a proper nutritional habit for their children. A propernutritional habit is something to be developed way back fromchildhood into adulthood. The responsibility of a child having aproper nutrition lies squarely or the child’s parents’ shoulders.

Researchhas revealed that the number of obese and overweight adults as wellas children has continued to upsurge over the last three decades.This only means that nothing much is being done to curb this problemthat poses a health risk to the young generation. The society isbringing up very unhealthy generation, and the saddest part is, noone seems to be concerned about this issue, more especially theparents. Nearly 66% of adults are obese, and 33% of them areconsidered to be overweight. This is according to the today’sresearchers. This is very alarming just as it is frightening. In asmuch as I do not refute the fact that other underlying factors haveled to the increase of these percentages, I also attribute thismostly to poor nutritional habits during childhood. Most of theseadults are those who did not have proper nutritional habits duringtheir childhood. Proper nutritional habits can only be developed bythe parents while their kids are still young.

Besidesthe health hazards that obesity causes in adults, there are otherissues that young adults face due to the menace of obesity. Most ofthe youngsters are deprived of quite a number of not only social butalso physical events as well as other activities that encompass ameaningful childhood. There is social stigmatization for childrenwith obesity, thus lowering their self-esteem as well asself-efficacy. Great discrimination occurs in youngsters who areobese from all corners. This discrimination comes from their peers aswell as their teachers. It goes without a saying that obesity linkedto social and physical disorders tends to be a life-long burden if itis not curtailed early in a child`s life. We all know that childrenhave very little say when it comes to what they eat and the exercisethey need to have. It is their parents who edict this by being therole models that these children need to look up to while growing upinto adulthood. Parents have a responsibility to nature theirchildren’s eating habits as well as exercising habits during theirearly stages so that when they grow up, they will adopt these habits.Developing proper nutritional habits in childhood by parents willenable the children to grow up knowing the importance of propernutrition, thus adhering to it. This will definitely go a long way incurbing the obesity menace not only in children but adults as well.As I mentioned earlier, there are other external effects that can beused to determine one`s weight. It is true that it is not necessarilytrue that what a child weighs is exclusively established by the foodhe or she is given at home. When a child grows up, they are atliberty to choose what they eat as adults but most of their decisionsare primarily based on what their parents fed them while they weregrowing up.

Properdiet can be developed all the way from when a child is an infant.Research has shown that breastfeeding is very important for anyinfant’s health and general wellbeing. Most healthy adults arethose who have had enough breast milk while they were young andproper diet as well while they were growing up as children.Researchers have found out that introducing a child to solid foodbefore six months old leads them to overeat while they grown-ups,thus leading to the child being obese, and this has increased themenace of obesity. The answer to all these problems is to developproper nutritional habits for childhood.


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