Advertisementis essential for success of a business, but only if it is done in anefficient manner. Although it consumes money and time to create, arational and attractive advertisement brings more revenue than anyaction undertaken in a business, by persuading, informing, andreminding people about the availability of the given product. Thereare several things to consider when making an advertisement. Theadvertisement is also a fun and diplomatic process that gives abusiness an opportunity of showing its creative side. The essay isgoing to focus on the analysis of an advertisement for a Smartphone(Watkins101).

Knowingthe audience is an important thing when advertising a phone. It isthe case where the culture, ideologies, gender, and mythology comeinto the world of business. Think about it. The ad that pleases andappeals to a retired man is far different from the one designed for ateenage boy. If the businessperson is not in tune with theiraudience, they would not be able to create an ad that resonates withthem. In most cases, the modern phones are being used by the younggeneration. Due to this, the ads used to advertise such phones shouldaim at persuading and captivating the respective audience. Otherwise,the seller will end up throwing away their money. Gender and agerange are two distinct demographic parameters that are supposed to beconsidered when advertising a Smartphone. With gender, thebusinessperson’s target should be classified into female and male.Regarding age, customers may fall in a rational age bracket.

Thenext step is deciding on a target locality. After identifying theaudience, the Smartphone sellers should ensure that theiradvertisements are correctly placed to reach such an audience. The admay be calibrated to fascinate people, but if not located at theright place, the audience might not get the right view. For example,the Smartphone gallery should be set where everybody can see theproduct. If the seller prefers the billboard advertisement todisplays, they should locate it at the place where the drivers,cyclist, and the pedestrians could easily see.

Smartphonevendors should focus on their target audience’s frequent place of avisit, and they should not make decisions based on their personalpreferences. For example, they should not advertise their Smartphoneon the radio just because they listen to the radio. They should alsonot jump on the internet bandwagon because it is the latest means ofadvertising the Smartphone. It is advisable to do a thorough researchand make a decision based on their customers. See an example of theSmartphone advertisement ad onhttps://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/mobile-advertising

Establishmentof the right image to the client is another thing the Smartphoneseller should consider. The major aim of advertising is to create therecognition among the customers. The market research has shown thatcustomers are likely to buy the Smartphone they are familiar with.For this reason, a good phone advertisement should try to come upwith a simple but eye-catching image that the potential customerscould easily recognize. When the customers think about the image ofthe company, they think of the feel and the look of theiradvertisement. Part of creating a good image is coming up with goodcolor of the coating plastics, real shapes of the phones, and theattractive advertising language. The sale of a Smartphone depends onits outward appearance. Glossy and attractive color draws more peoplenear the gallery to buy the phone. The shape and size of the phonealso determine the number of the customers who would be attracted tothe phone. Moreover, the Smartphone advertisement should use thesimple, high quality, and whimsy language. Hard language will notimpart any information to the potential customers, as they cannotcomprehend what the ad entails. It is not only important to come upwith the great image, but also be consistent with such image (Du56).

TheSmartphone sellers should think about the message in theadvertisement. The information in the ad can either make or break theentire advertisement. A real phone ad should hook the customers fromtheir get-go and captivate them for a long time to allow the companymake their pitch and persuade the customers to select their phonesover the competitors. The ad should highlight the competitor’sadvantage. The information in the ad has to draw the attention to thebenefits of purchasing the phones over the ones stated by thecompetitors.

Smartphoneadvertisement should not involve clichés. If it sounds exactly likeseveral ads that have been used before, the attention of thecustomers will switch off immediately and the phone company, loseanother sale. In this case, the seller should try to come up withsomething different from what has been used before to avoid overdoneadvertising clichés. A good Smartphone advertisement should betested before they are released. After testing the ad, the sellershould make an indomitable bid to monitor the customers’ reactions(Marcus89).


Inconclusion, it is imperative to persuade and remind the potentialcustomer on the availability of a given commodity. The essay abovehas analyzed an advertisement for the Smartphone and given moreinformation about how such products can be advertised. Knowing theaudience is the first step that should be taken by the Smartphoneseller.


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