OldMan`s Eye

OldMan`s Eye

Theold man`s eye appears blue and has a layer of tissues. Even though itcould be in that manner due to a medical condition, it issymbolically used to mean that a character has an issue with hisinner vision or what Poe refers to as an individual’s outlook onthe world. A character with this kind of an eye is one who feels likeeverything is concealed. One’s interpretation of this story isequally challenged through the obscure eye. Poe aims to causefrustration and confusion within the text with symbolism (Poe, 2004).

Theeye causes certain peculiar actions. It looks as if it is cloudy andnot able to see, but it possesses some unusual powers. For example,it makes the blood of the narrator run cold on his spine. As theauthor puts it, the narrator, after hiding the body of the old man,repositions the boards in a clever way so that the eyes would notnotice anything (Poe, 2004). The statement suggests that at somemoment, the eye may be able to see secret things that are hidden fromthe normal vision.

Furthermore,the eye gives the impression that it has a guardian which is theheart. While the narrator directs the ray on the eye, the heartbegins to beat. When the policemen arrive, the heart rhythmsfrequently to keep them alert so that they can see the eye.Additionally, the narrator dwells on the aspect of vulture’s visionto portray more about the old man`s eye. Because vultures target deadbodies, the narrator seems scared of its vision after he hid the oldman. He believes that the old man’s eye may have gone to thevulture (Poe, 2004).


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