Methodologiesof Communication to Create a Shared Vision with Stakeholders

In order to develop a shared vision, the first approach is tocommunicate the vision. The stakeholders should have an understandingof why the hospital needs to implement an outreach program toassistance needy members of the community and how the program can beimplemented. Communicating the vision will therefore improve thepotential gain of increased support for the program (Schmidt andBrown, 2011).

Involvingthe stakeholders in shaping the vision is a significant step. Avision can be described as a ‘’shared vision’’ only when themembers involved took part in its development. The stakeholdersshould therefore be incorporated in creating key components of theprogram such as the objectives, implementation of strategies and howto deal with challenges that may emerge when effecting the program.

Implementing a system of ongoing communication with the stakeholdersis also a key methodology. It is imperative to ascertain thatcommunication is not done in a single occasion. Constantcommunication with the stakeholders will create awareness about theoutreach program and lead to greater involvement (Schmidt and Brown,2011).

Itis also essential to provide feedback to the stakeholders concerninginquires that they may have, about the program. This will give themclarity about the initiative and the roles they can take so as tomake the event a success

Applicationof Strategic Management in Making the a Reality

Strategic management involves the identification and implementationof strategies that can be adopted in order to achieve the set goalsof an initiative. In this context, one approach I would implement isbenchmarking. Making a comparison of the outreach programs to othersconducted by other hospitals, is significant in identifying the bestpractices that can be used to improve the objectives of the soon tobe implemented program.

Strategic leadership will also be significant in making the outreachprogram a reality. Strategic leadership will assist in motivatingother stakeholders to propel the vision and objectives of theoutreach program. The use of strategic leadership will also assist inthe allocation of resources and dealing with the challenges thatwould arise when implementing the program.


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