Theparenting style that my parents display is the authoritative one. Iconsider them to be authoritative because they not only have highexpectations for their children, but also show support andunderstanding when required. I believe that through theirauthoritative parenting style, my siblings and I have grown in thehealthiest environment that has helped foster our relationships withthose around us. My parents have established different rules andstructures that should be observed in the household (Cacioppo &ampFreberg, 2016). For instance, they have divided different chores andduties to be accomplished by each of us and anyone who fails toobserve them is usually punished. When we fail to follow thehousehold regulations, we are usually punished through theconsequences like being grounded. For example, they reinforce ourgood behaviors using praise and other reward systems. Nonetheless,they maintain open communication, whereby they also listen to us andconsider our feelings before enacting a punishment.

Thus,my parents’ style has permitted me to develop open communicationskills, confidence, social traits, independence, assertiveness, andsocial responsibility (Cacioppo &amp Freberg, 2016). However, Ibelieve that if my parents had adopted a different style, I would nothave become the person I am today because I believe their nurturingapproach is the best. For instance, if my parents were authoritarian,I would have become timid with low esteem. Similarly, if they werethe permissive type, I would have matured to become an insecureindividual without self-control, discipline, and one who lackseffective social skills (Cacioppo &amp Freberg, 2016).

WhenI grow up and become a parent, I believe that I would adopt theauthoritative style. I think my technique would be similar to that ofmy parents since I consider it the best form to nurture and offerstructure in a child’s life. As such, my parenting method would bethe same as the one I have grown with, to ensure that my childrenlearn values, responsibilities, discipline, social skills,confidence, communication, self-esteem, and social skills similar tothe way I have acquired them.


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